What do I need a CMS (Content Management System) for?

Google and your clients like to see a website that is fresh and up to date. It lets them know someone is there working behind the website, you are trading, your details must be accurate, you’re on the ball, and that you care. Clients like companies that care.

So, whether we’re talking about fixing a teeny comma, or telling clients know about a special offer, or a new phone number, or a new team member, or your latest newsletter, being able to do it yourself will save you a whole lot of money and headaches.

Why do it myself?

To be honest, web developers and designers don’t want to faff around with content changes. It’s not their thing. They won’t stop a big new lucrative project to update a bit of text on your site, and if and when they do, you’ll get a bill for it. Every time. If they’ve built those changes into your agreement with them, you bettya they won’t have built in a timeframe. So yeah, they’ll do the update, but then they can, not when you want.

Better to get your site signed off and you’re happy with it, pay them, and do the text updates yourself. When you want. You could even update photos and other data.
The benefits

Every time you update your site, Google will know, and they’ll give you Brownie points for it by pushing it up search engine results.

So, how do you do it?

You need a CMS – Content Management System.
It does what it says.
It manages, or allows you to, manage your content.


  • Add, edit and delete content to/from existing pages
  • Add new pages
  • Change the menu structure
  • Maintain an up-to-date a news section
  • Publish useful articles on your website
  • Add and edit existing or new photo galleries

Design and content kept in separated files

Because your content is saved in a separate file to the website files a web developer can update or create a new design and layout for your website and all the content just fits in to place. This makes it much cheaper to have your site re-designed in the future.

Social media

Link your CMS to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin for easy publishing to social media website ( we’ll be covering social media in another blog post very soon)

How do you actually change the content?

Changing your content is simple. When you have a CMS installed it simply lives behind your website. For example you’d go to www.my-domain-name.co.uk/admin then type in a user name and password. Once logged in, you get a list of pages on your website. You login to it like any other private site and then access the ‘backend’ of your site – make the changes, save them, and publish. Hey presto! An updated page!

And we must be crazy for telling you this – as we make our living by building websites – but – with a CMS, you can start your website with just a few pages made by the webby professional, and then you can add more pages yourself as you go along – with no extra costs! So you pay for a 5 page website, for example, with a CMS, and then build it up into a 1,000 page website all by yourself!

Yeah, we know, we’re daft for telling you, but as you probably know by now, we have no hidden agendas at Red Box. We love what we do, we do it well, and we like to keep our customers happy. That way, we’ll keep you with us. And so far, so good.

If you want to know more – just ask!

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