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Click Dealer Introduces Visitor Chat Partnership with Special Offer for Dealers!

Click Dealer is pleased to announce Visitor Chat as its preferred partner for website live chat software. Since we started recommending the company to our dealers in January, we have seen as many as 187 dealerships sign up so far.
About Visitor Chat

Visitor Chat is currently the most popular provider of dealer live chat in the UK, offering an efficient and convenient way for you to communicate with your customers. The cutting-edge chat software is available for independent and franchise retailers alike.

Benefits of Live Chat

Implementing the means for your website users to be able to communicate with a customer service adviser in real time offers numerous benefits:

  • Allows you to provide 24/7 customer service
  • Introduces another channel for lead generation
  • Helps you build rapport with customers, which can lead to conversion and loyalty
  • Gives you an advantage over competitors

Find out more about how live chat can help your dealership here!

What Visitor Chat Can Offer Your Dealership

Visitor Chat Click Dealer

More Leads

Based on data from Click Dealer clients who have already signed up with Visitor Chat, the software can increase your dealership’s leads by between 50% and 60%!

Easy Integration

Visitor Chat can be integrated quickly and easily on your website, and if you are with Click Dealer for both our Web and DMS services, leads from your live chat function will drop straight into you dealer management system.

Optimised, Bespoke Design

Your chat box will be tailored to your dealership, incorporating your company colours, logo and branding to create a seamless user experience. The tool can be used on mobiles, tablets and desktops for the convenience of your customers.

Flexible Service

With Visitor Chat, you can choose how much involvement you have. You can manage customer enquires through the channel in-house, use a professional Visitor Chat back-up team when you are closed, or even utilize their 24-hour team, so you can watch the leads come in without adding to your workload.

Regular Reports

They will send you a monthly report to update you on your live chat performance so you will be able to see exactly how beneficial the software is for your dealership. The reports will reveal the number of enquiries Visitor Chat has handled and how many have been passed to your sales team.

click dealer visitor chat

Click Dealer Director and Head of Web, Ollie Moxham said:” The enormous initial success of our Visitor Chat website upgrade comes as no surprise, given that consumers expect instant responses online in this day and age.

“We’re thrilled to be partnered with such an innovative company as Visitor Chat and despite the popularity of our websites, DMS and online retailing platform, ClickEngage™, we’re under no illusions that providing live chat is essential to enhancing the consumer journey for car buyers.

“The Visitor Chat solution provides an industry leading chat – lead conversion rate of 64%, 12% higher than any other live chat competitor product we’ve seen.”

Visitor Chat Chief Executive, Robert Arthur, said: “Live Chat provides the convenient answers that consumers want, while also adding significant benefits to the staff and bottom line of dealerships.

“Web customers are drawn to the prospect of real-time responses, all accessible from the dealer’s web platform and available at the convenience of the customer.

“The result is that the dealers we work with see a significant uplift in the number of leads coming from their websites.

Introductory Offer for Click Dealer Customers

In celebration of this new partnership, Visitor Chat will be offering Click Dealer customers a one-month free trial! This includes,

  • FREE integration of the function on your website
  • 30 days of live chat for FREE, commencing on the 1st of May
  • FREE 24/7 outsourced support for the trial period

When the trial period concludes, you will have the option to keep the browser-based chat, either managing it yourself or continuing to use the outsourced support provided by Visitor Chat.

To take advantage of the 30 days of free Visitor Chat service from 01/05/18 available to Click Dealer customers, please contact Visitor Chat directly on: sales@visitor.chat or 02382 350130.


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