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Click Dealer’s Best Selling Used Cars of 2017 So Far…

With over a million vehicles being added to the roads this year already, Click has decided to review which motors have been the most popular amongst its dealer base.

We have compiled a list of the top selling models amongst our dealerships by using our wealth of in house data from across the UK.

The list incorporates a variety of vehicles from family cars, to executive cars, to crossovers. The city hatchback is not only the category that appears most frequently on the list, but also the category to which the number one best-selling car belongs to!

Here is Click’s list of best-selling used cars of 2017 so far…

(All data has been compiled from Click Dealer’s records so far this year.)
20. Honda Civic

This family hatchback has built a solid reputation for its durability and reliability. With a spacious interior and sporty lines, the model offers a comfortable and pleasurable ride, whilst providing excellent performance.

19. Fiat 500

Celebrating its 60th birthday this year, this chic city car is just as popular as ever with four million of the original model and two million of the current version being sold around the world. The model, designed by Dante Giacosa, is small, smooth and perfect for driving around urban areas. The design of the Fiat 500 has become an icon of 1960s culture, and the updated model combines this retro charm with modern technology.

18. MINI Hatch CC

The MINI may be small, but it is increasingly becoming a big figure. At the Auto Express 2016 New Car Awards, the brand won the award for the Best Premium Small Car of the Year. The MINI Hatchback is definitely a car for those looking for a fun drive, who appreciate retro style. As an added bonus, its running costs are relatively inexpensive.

17. Renault Clio

The Renault Clio is one of the most successful small cars, with over 12 million being sold. The Clio is a fun, compact, vibrant vehicle, which has been cleverly engineered for some dynamism. The agile car is a pleasure to drive and its refined design makes it stand out.

16. Volkswagen Polo

Since 1975, the Volkswagen Polo has been an incredibly popular supermini. This is due to a variety of factors, from its practicality and efficient engine, to its sophisticated exterior. The interior is also full of surprises, as it is impressively roomy for a supermini, and high-quality considering the price of the vehicle. The Polo is a great value urban car.

15. Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeos are stylish, but purposeful cars. This vehicle is ideal for families, with plenty of internal space and its dedication to safety and security features. The Mondeo also delivers a great standard of performance and is a smooth ride.

14. Nissan Juke

Unique style and thrilling performance are key attributes of the Juke. Nissan have excelled at applying the crossover concept to this vehicle, taking inspiration from SUVs and sports coupés. Its engine is simple but powerful, and its quirky image makes the Juke stand out from the mainstream cars of today.

13. BMW 5 Series

BMW is renowned for producing luxury, executive cars, and the 5 Series is no exception. This model is one of the brand’s most popular designs. It has the full package, with its superb handling, low running costs, spacious interior and sleek aesthetics.


12. Audi A4

The Audi A4 is one of the manufacturer’s bestsellers. As you would expect from Audi, the car uses advanced technology. The A4 is one of the brand’s most prominent models and it stands out in its class for its interior, which is beautifully crafted, luxuriously comfortable and equipped with the best technology.

11. Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai is the champion of family crossovers. It was one of the first major crossovers made and despite being over 10 years old, it remains hugely popular. The vehicle is reliable and economical and it provides a comfortable driving experience. The Qashqai delivers all of this without sacrificing performance.


10. Vauxhall Insignia

This medium-sized hatchback offers excellent driving dynamics and sophisticated design, without the hefty price tag of its rivals, manufactured by more premium brands. The Vauxhall Insignia is also flexible, available in three different body types.


9. Mercedes C Class

The luxurious C-Class is one of the most desirable executive cars out there. It is defined by its elegant exterior and high quality interior, which provides optimum comfort. Its lightweight design and efficient engine also make the Mercedes vehicle impressively economical.

8. Audi A3

One of Audi’s most successful models is this hatchback. The Audi A3 is perfect for drivers looking for an efficient, classy looking family car. Available as a Sportback, a Sedan and a Cabriolet, the A3 series is incredibly versatile, with a model to suit everyone.

7. BMW 1 Series:

Just overtaking the Audi A3 in the premium family hatchback category is the BMW 1 Series. This vehicle has it all. It is well-crafted and greatly enjoyable to drive, with fantastic handling and a fuel-efficient engine. The high-quality nature of the BMW 1 Series can be seen throughout its beautiful interior.

6. Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is small but powerful. Having been produced by the German manufacturer since 1974, the car is a long-standing leader of its class, due to its solid build and refinement. The Volkswagen Golf is practical and reliable.

5. Vauxhall Astra

The Astra is an instant eye-catcher, with its sleek body and defined, sporty lines that reflect the dynamic ability of the car. Similarly, the alloy wheels capture the vehicle’s power. The Vauxhall Astra triumphs over its rivals on maximum power and torque, yet surprisingly the car is still reasonably economical.

4. Vauxhall Corsa

Stylish and practical, the Vauxhall Corsa is a great city car. The model is widely appreciated for its excellent crafting and affordability and is a long-standing best-seller in the UK. The Corsa offers a smooth drive, a spacious cabin and low CO2 emissions.

3. BMW 3 Series

It is understandable that BMW has acquired a position in the top three, as the brand is well-known for creating premium, high-quality vehicles. The 3 series is one of the manufacturer’s greatest triumphs and has been a leader of compact executive cars for over 40 years. This refined automobile range delivers unrivalled handling and exceptional performance as well as looking stunning.

2. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is another top selling car in the UK, acclaimed for its intricate design. The car is able to achieve an excellent degree of control and its finely-tuned chassis and suspension makes it an enjoyable drive. The Focus is small but comfortable and is great value.

1. Ford Fiesta

Firmly securing first place as the best-selling used car of 2017 so far is the one and only Ford Fiesta. It is no surprise that Ford has obtained the top two positions with the brand being such a strong name in Britain’s history. What makes it so popular? Well, the hatchback is stylish, practical and comfortable as well as having low running costs. It is fun to drive, with unbeatable handling and some fine engines available for the vehicle. Furthermore, the Fiesta is well- equipped with handy gadgets and safety technology and considering all of these points, the car is an outstandingly good price for what it delivers. The Fiesta has been the nation’s most popular car for almost a decade, becoming a true icon and that does not look like it will change any time soon.

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