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IMDA gives members free listing on BuyaCar.co.uk

Members of the Independent Motor Dealers Association are being given a major benefit with a free and automatic listing of their qualifying stock on the BuyaCar.co.uk portal.

The IMDA has just struck a deal with the site which boosts its retail stock pool by up to 10,000 cars and gives the association’s 350 members instant access to the website which currently gets more than 700,000 visits a month.

Umesh Samani, IMDA chairman who owns the Specialist Cars business in Stoke-on-Trent, said:

“This gives our members instant access to BuyaCar without it costing them a penny or adding anything to their work. All they have to do, if they have a Dealer Management System from a provider like ClickDealer, is tick the select box which will feed their stock to BuyaCar and it will be uploaded. It is as quick and easy as that – and completely free.”

Puts cars in front of a huge audience

“Our arrangement is really only for stock which fits a sort of six year/60,000 mile maximum profile so the site is populated with quality cars but for our members, this is an excellent opportunity to put their cars in front of a huge new audience of in-market people looking to buy.

“It should bring them more sales without any additional cost or time so it is a win-win situation, a win for our members and for BuyaCar.

“The arrangement is absolutely free and one of many benefits that IMDA membership gives our dealers and on that note, I should say that we have a few more arrangements with suppliers and partners in the pipeline.”

Austin Collins, managing director of BuyaCar.co.uk, said:

“The IMDA has played an important role in helping create the high standards demonstrated in the used car sector today. The organisation’s quality auditing processes and business values make IMDA members ideal suppliers to join the more than 1,200 dealers for whom we already achieve record retail sales.”

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