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Meet the Clickers – Adam Kozlowski

Hello and welcome to episode 40 of Meet the Clickers! This week I caught up with Front-End Web Developer Adam, he fills us in on everything from sports to his appalling taste in food!

Could you tell us a bit about your Click journey so far? How did it come about?

I was working for a company helping to build software for android devices alongside data destruction but fancied myself as a web developer. I had begun to build websites for various companies and had decided it was a path I wanted to continue to follow. After a couple of years of building websites, it felt like the right time to take a new step.

I met with Ollie, Keiran and Will for an interview and instantly knew I wanted to work here. They had some great ideas and we had such a laugh, it felt like the right move.

Great stuff. Could you now tell us about your current role within the business and what your tasks are?

Sure, I work within the Web Change Team as a Front-End Developer. Our job is to maintain and fulfil any website requests from our customers. This can be anything from changing a telephone number to helping design new promotions to go on their website.

I enjoy working in web change as there is always a new challenge. No two days are the same! Ideas are always welcome within our team and it allows for a lot of creative freedom.

In your spare time I’ve heard you’re pretty familiar with a set of DJ decks, how did you start that?

I was living in Exeter studying, I went to a house party with a group of mates and there were a set of decks there. I started playing some drum and bass and I’ve not stopped since! It costs me an arm and a leg but it’s great fun!

Would you rather never use social media again, or never watch a movie or tv show again?

Definitely social media, I feel like it’s too distracting. I like watching a lot of films and movies but more often than not I find myself staring at my phone half way through!

I know the feeling! I’ve heard you’re a fan of NHL, how did that come about?

It started with street hockey when I was younger, we used to meet in front of my house with roller blades and field hockey sticks. I then started playing NHL games in 2006 and decided to just pick a random team to support; unfortunately, it turned out they were the worst team in the league!

Ah well, at least you know how Ben Wood feels! What’s the best quote you’ve heard?

“It’s harder to make the glass than break the glass.”  By the RZA

Jake tells me you’ve acquired a few nicknames since you started, can you tell us which one’s your favourite?

I can’t say I have a favourite! If I had to pick one though, it’d probably be Red Mist from Kick Ass 2! I think it’s the fringe and the glasses that does it! McLovin gets thrown around too!

What job doesn’t exist but should?

Hedgehog cleaner. That sounds like a fun job. After saying that, it probably already exists…

I’m not so sure, I think you’ve found the biggest niche ever there… I’ve been told you’re pretty obsessed with your dog, can you tell me about a bit more about him?

I’ve got a Whippet called Blue, we got him half price because his mum bit his tail off… As a Whippet he’s a great runner, but due to the smaller tail his balance is none existent! You’ll see him dart off and end up in a tumble!

We’ve always had dogs, they’re just great pets to have. When I first moved out I couldn’t have one, but as soon as I moved again I got one straight away!

No house is complete without a dog! What’s the most impressive thing you know how to do?

My friends would tell you it’s fixing phones, but the less people who know about that the better! My favourite is probably the guitar though, I’ve been playing for 15 years!

That’s great! Any chance you could fix my screen though? If you were on death row, what would be your last meal and drink?

I mentioned this in my Meet the New Clicker feature, but it would definitely be pineapple pizza with a stuff crust! For my drink, it’d have to be cider. An 8.2% Black Dragon preferably!

Strong cider to forget about the abomination you’ve just eaten? I like your thinking! What do you enjoy most about working at Click?

It’s the people, they’re amazing here. In my particular job, no two days are the same, you’ve got different tasks to complete, different people to contact; you can’t get bored. We’re a great team too, you know that everyone has your back and you’re always ready to pick each other up!

Cheers Adam! Think you’ve summed it up perfectly. Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me!

For everyone at home, as always thank you for reading! If you can’t wait for next week’s instalment, make sure you check out our previous episodes here!

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