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Meet the Clickers – Bob Doram

For episode 65 of Meet the Clickers we’re joined by Onsite Trainer Bob! He sat down with me to discuss his love for Chesterfield and Jack Reacher!

Hi Bob, I hope you’re well. Could you tell us all how you started at Click Dealer please?

I used to work with James Anglesea at a company that also supplies software to the motor trade. He knew I was looking for a move and after being here for a month, he suggested I talk to Pippa Rawlinson. I had a couple of interviews with Gerry and Pippa and started here in September 2017.

What’s your favourite thing about being on the road?

Being on the road was my least favourite part of my previous job, I was regularly away from home Monday through to Friday. Luckily that doesn’t happen very often now. Meeting customers is a part of the job I thoroughly enjoy, either when they come to the office for training or when I go to their site.

What skill would you most like to master?

I would love to be able to cook to a high standard. I can produce a decent Sunday roast, and I always cook the Christmas dinner. I also cook most Saturday nights, but that’s usually steak and chips or sometimes some grilled chicken or fish. It would be nice to be able to produce a plate of proper gourmet food.

Don’t forget, the Clickers are always happy to test whatever you make! Ben was telling me you’re on a good food diet, what does that entail?

This all started last year when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, probably a result of a poor diet from living in hotels Monday to Friday for the past 20 years! Last summer I started having a fruit and spinach smoothie for lunch, lost two stone in weight and was taken off my medication. I’ve been on homemade soup for lunch since November and I’m managing to keep fit and healthy (I hope, check-up and blood test in a couple of weeks).

That’s great Bob! It’s amazing what a difference a good diet can make! What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Other than having three gorgeous daughters, I guess my main achievements have all been in endurance events. I have completed the London Marathon four times, completed the Great North Run, done the Three Peaks three times and four or five Nottingham Marathons. I’m also in an 8 by 8 club in Plymouth (my friend was at Uni there). This was in the days when pubs didn’t open until 7.

That’s incredible! I’m sure you haven’t met many people who can top that list! What was the best thing about the place you grew up in?

I’ve lived in Chesterfield all my life and it’s a great little market town. Just far enough North to not be South and just far enough South to not be in Yorkshire!

I’m sure you knew this was coming, how does it feel supporting a pub team?

Hahaha, I was expecting something like this. A recent table of League 2 attendances for the current season had Port Vale in 12th and Crewe in 15th. Chesterfield would have been in 10th position – not bad for a “pub team”!! My club is an ideal example of “be careful what you wish for”; we got a rich patron who took us to the brink of the playoffs for the Championship three years ago then lost interest, hopefully we’re on our way back!

There’s only one club I’d wish the same fate on! It’s great that you’re on the way back though! What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Always look after family. Other things come and go, family is forever.

If you were put into solitary confinement for six months, what would you do to stay sane?

As long as I had my music and all the Jack Reacher books to re-read I could probably cope with seeing and speaking to nobody (sounds like heaven to me).

What do you love most about working at Click?

There is a real feeling of “Team” at Click, which is totally different to my previous employer. Whenever I’m in the office I’m always greeted by smiley faces, it really gets your day off to a good start!

That was excellent Bob! Wise words throughout!

If you enjoyed our interview with Bob and want to meet more Clickers, click here to read some of our earlier episodes. If you’re up to date, come back next week for a new instalment!

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