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Meet the Clickers – Danielle Casey

For episode 54 of Meet the Clickers I met up with Danielle Casey to discuss her angelic singing and gassy tendencies!

Hi Danielle, can you tell us all how you first started at Click please?

Hello darling, I was looking for a job where the working environment was fun and lively, and the hours weren’t bad either. Charlotte then told me about Click and it sounded perfect! I had an interview and got the job and I’ve been here ever since, I love coming to work every day!

Good stuff! How has your job changed since you started with us?

I started in Customer Care answering the phones to help our dealers with any issues or questions they had. I’ve recently secured a move to the onboarding team however! I’ve progressed so much since I started here and I’m looking forward to the future!

Where’s your dream holiday destination and what would you do there?

It’d be Disneyland for me, I’d like to go by myself though… All the rides look really cool and I’d love to dress up as Snow White and explore the park by myself!

I’m not sure how your daughter would take that one… What film should everyone watch at least once?

Popstar, it’s got the lead actor from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and just follows the lives of three musicians.

I’ve asked a few of your team members for some questions and Ben wood said ‘She’s passed more gas than British Gas’ Could you expand on this please?

I just think it’s better to let things like that out, it’s not good for your bowels if you hold it in. Better out than in as Shrek always says!

It’s obviously impacted Ben, he still thinks Vale will stay up! The gas has gotten to his head! What’s one luxury item you couldn’t live without?

Tweezers. I hate seeing random hairs sprouting so I have to get rid of them straight away.

Practical, I like it! What’s one thing everyone should try at least once?

Skinny dipping, just make sure you hide your clothes before you go in!

Speaking from experience? Anyone who works upstairs with you has definitely heard your singing, do you do this everywhere or are we the only ones treated to it?

No, I do it everywhere. Even my daughter tells me to shut up. Thankfully my partner is used to it now; he definitely secretly enjoys it though! I particularly like to sing Michael Jackson’s Earth Song, it’s arguably better than the original!

We’re yet to hear that rendition, I’m sure Jamie will love it! Which city would you most like to live in?

Amsterdam, I’ve been there seven times now! I just love the people and the culture, I can’t get enough.

What do you love most about working at Click?

I just love the environment here, everyone is happy to help you out and that keeps morale high, which really shows. It makes you want to come to work every day and work hard because you’re doing it for your team as much as yourself.

Great answer, I completely agree Danielle!

For everyone at home thank you for reading and a Happy New Year! Make sure you check back next week to meet another Clicker! If you’ve not caught up yet, click here to read our previous episodes!

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