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Meet the Clickers – Hassan Ali

For our latest instalment of Meet the Clickers, we have none other than Hassan Ali! The SEO wizkid sat down with me earlier this week for episode 39!

Hassan! Hope you’re good mate, could you explain to us how you started at Click Dealer?

Hi Bakes, I’m good thank you! Hassan Flexing

Well at the time I was doing my A-levels, but I felt like I needed a change from the mundane life in college. I got in touch with an apprenticeship provider and landed myself my first interview with Click.

I was interviewed by Joe P and we got off to a great start. A few hours later I was offered the job by Click, it was a great moment and I’m so happy with the way things have worked out!

Can you explain to us your role in the business please and how it’s changed since you started?

My previous role was a part of the Business Administration team. This involved migrating our dealer’s stock and dealing with any administrative tasks. This allowed me to understand how the business operated and helped me gather an insight into our award-winning DMS product.

Fast forward a few months… and my current role within the business is now SEM Account Manager.

Search Engine Marketing is one of the new arms for the business and it allows our clients to promote their business with digital marketing strategies which include: SEO, Social and PPC campaigns.

I focus more so on the SEO side of things, this is where I help dealers climb up the Google rankings for specific search terms for them to be able to maximise the amount of traffic to their website. It’s great to see our client base increasing and our dealers understanding the importance of having a strong online presence.

What are you most likely to become famous for?

I need to be careful here, I don’t want anyone to think I’m big headed! I’m a man of many talents, one of which is the rare ability to point out the most obvious details in life! They even made me a t-shirt with Cpt Obvious on the back in recognition!

Don’t think you’ll be in the papers anytime soon mate… We’re all very familiar with your office nickname, can you explain the story behind it please?

Well, I came into work one day with a t-shirt on, it was very tight around my big biceps and Steve Connor couldn’t stop staring. Steve photoshopped my face onto Hercules and since then the name has stuck!

Is it true you’ve never been wrong in your entire life?

I like to think not, but obviously I am every now and then. Even the greatest people are wrong sometimes…

As always, I’ve asked a few of your work friends for a few questions too, could you explain the ‘Burger King issue’ please?

I was at Manchester Piccadilly waiting for Steve to pick me up on the way to a meeting, knowing how poor his time keeping is, I thought I’d treat myself to a nice snack! It turns out Steve turned up on time and I arrived 20 minutes late, with a nice meal for myself and nothing for Steve; he wasn’t impressed.

Edit (Steve Connor has since informed me Hassan went on a 20-minute rant about his untoasted burger buns; this was the issue he was referring to!)

Hassan's Burger King

What do you really want but can’t afford?

I’d like to buy Manchester United, I think I’d make a really good director. I’d give Mourinho until the end of the season then bring in Zidane! It’s about time we showed the others how it’s done and won the treble again!

Living in the past are we Hassan? Sounding a bit like a certain Merseyside team… What’s one trend you wish would die out?

As you know, I love my rap music. At the moment the big trend is mumble rapping and it infuriates me! The likes of Migos and Lil Yachty get a good beat and then throw in a few one liners. I much prefer English rappers, like AJ Tracey and Skepta! Or old school American rappers like Biggie and Tupac!

Hit Em Up Hassan! Egyptian Quadbikes?

Thanks to Joe for this one! In the old office we were having a conversation about history, I was zoning in and out of the conversation when I heard someone mention the pyramids! Seeing as I’ve been there, I thought I’d weigh in on the conversation. Someone asked what the Ancient Egyptians did in their spare time and without a second thought, I said ‘probably razzing it round on their quadbikes’… Can you prove they didn’t?

What’s your million-pound business idea?

Well, in my spare time I attend MMA classes. I’d like to make a competition for the up and coming stars of MMA, I think it’d be really popular and get more people into a great sport!

I’d heard rumours you fight 13-year olds for fun, I suppose this is the next step up! Is there a reason you put your thumb up in every photo ever taken of you at Click Dealer?

I don’t even realise I do it anymore! Whenever Click need a photo, they usually come to me, so I’ve developed my own style!

What question would you most like to know the answer to?

I’d like to know more about how the world was created, getting a definitive answer would be really cool. I’d also really like to know how the pyramids were built!

It wasn’t with the use of quadbikes, I’ll tell you that! What do you enjoy most about working at Click?

As always, the people are great, everyone has a smile on their face day in day out! But I really love how supportive the business is, Gerry, Ollie and Pip genuinely care about each and every one of us and that means a lot. I’ve got to give Steve a shout out too, he’s been extremely supportive, and I wouldn’t be where I am without his help!

That’s great Hassan! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions mate!

For those of you at home, I hope you’ve enjoyed the latest instalment! We’ll be back at the same time next week with a fresh new face in the hot seat, if you can’t wait that long click here to read our previous episodes!


Peace out!

Al Bakes



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