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Meet the Clickers – Pippa Rawlinson

Meet the Clickers is back with a bang! In the run up to Christmas we are going to give you one episode per week, you lucky bunch!

To get December started, I caught up with none other than our Director & Head of Customer Care, Pippa Rawlinson!

Pip, great to catch up as always mate. Doing Meet the Clickers for you really made me think about how far we have come. To think just over three years ago, there was only me and you that made up the entirety of the Customer Care team is quite astounding.

“Ahhh my Poody None Stop. I remember those days, you woke up by Wednesday we got two days of ‘bouncy Joe’ and then the weekend hit. No in all seriousness to see the level of growth for our employees and customers is something we all need to be proud of. We’ve moved ‘Click Mountains’ and climbed a few as well.”

Now then… This should be fun.

So, a couple of nice easy ones to start, could you give us a bit of an insight to the start of your Click journey, how did it come about?

“I was working for KPMG in Liverpool when Dad asked me to take a pay cut and become his personal slave. Only joking, my Dad has clearly provided one of life’s biggest opportunities for my brother and I which we are so grateful for. We have learned by working in all of the roles that exist in Click today, and there were days when we did ten of them at once. Which I’m glad for personal sanity we don’t have to do anymore.”

Great stuff. Could you now tell us a bit about your current role at Click?

“I am Director of inappropriateness, for which I have my father’s genes to thank. In my spare time I also head up our Customer Care & Training teams. I am immensely proud of both, I think we have a market leading attitude to customers and it’s my biggest passion about Click.”

What did you think you would grow out of but haven’t?

“Lol Ibiza. I’m too old, I don’t know the DJ’s, it’s too expensive, takes me a year to recover… But I’m still going next year.”

Your nickname in the office and now worldwide is Pippa ‘Swervy’ Rawlinson or ‘swerve’ for short, could you please tell the readers at home why this is?

“I cannot believe you’ve gone there Joe! I’m basically renowned for skipping nights out, moving meetings, the mythical PDR’s for my guys. I would like the jury to be aware this is because I have a list as long as my arm to coin a phrase.”

Haha. The Romans didn’t build straight roads for their military logistics, they built them for you dear. If you could turn any activity (apart from swerving) into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning a medal for?

“I would definitely win gold for swerving. If you ask Steve Connor it would be ‘failing to adopt new technology’ as he affectionately refers to me as a dinosaur. But Mr Connor do you even know who Jason is and what he likes to serve?”

What is your favourite Click Dealer moment?

“Oh my days there are so many, it’s hard to pinpoint one. There are so many things we have achieved as a company which I’m proud of, I love it when a Clicker works their a** off and gets a promotion too. I think when I look back when I’m grey and old it will be when I’ve seen my Dad belly laugh at something, it’s nice I’ve been able to share this journey with loved ones.”

What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend?

“With Judeybug and Lee. They are pretty cool, and my husband is severely good looking.”

You have recently signed up to compete in a White-Collar boxing match for charity, could you fill us in on the details?

“When I saw the effort the guys had gone to running through mud and climbing those mountains in the dark I knew I had to do something big to play my part, especially since it’s so closely linked to my beautiful boy. I’ve never had a fight, professional or otherwise, so I thought people would get behind the fundraising as its such a surprise and out of my comfort zone. So many people have said they would pay to see me get knocked out… So that’s always nice.”

What are some small things that make your day better?

“Getting a picture message of Jude when I’m at work dealing with something stressful. His little boat race brings a really nice perspective on things.”

What is the #1 most played song in your music library?

“OMG I actually looked and its ‘Hair Up’ from the Trolls movie hahahahahaaaa eughhhh proper #mumzoned there.”

Who has impressed you most with what they’ve accomplished and why?

“That is really hard you know. I think we are lucky to have a really strong team that always go the extra mile. There’s been so much progression for our employees it’s hard to pick one over the other. I’m going to give a shout out here to my big bro, when he first started to where he is now is a real transformation. He’s had to adopt so many skills quickly and I always look to him for advice and guidance in and out of the office. There isn’t one person I’ve ever met who doesn’t love our Ollie, what a complete legend.”

I concur! Give that man a knighthood. What is the hardest thing you have ever done?

“Give birth. That sh*t hurts.”

As always, to finish off, what do you love most about working at Click Dealer?

“The team. Sometimes when I’ve been on back to back training calls and a Clicker just pops in with a coffee, or when we’ve been up for two days straight on a server move and smell like dead cats but we are still in it together. I know we’ve built something special. #VIVLACLICKKKKKKKKKKKK”

Most definitely! Pip, once again thanks for taking time out of our busy schedule to get involved and we hope the readers at home enjoyed the return of Meet the Clickers! Same time next week?


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