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Meet the Clickers – Tom Price

Welcome all to episode 48 of Meet the Clickers! This week we have the character that is Tom Price!

A legend in the office for his drunken antics, read on to learn more about his famous fancy dress…

Hi Tom, I hope you’re well, could you please explain to everyone how you started at Click?

My lady’s Dad owns the MOT Centre at Winton House and told me that a tech company had moved into the building, as he knew I was interested in a career change. I sent in a CV, spoke to Gerry on the phone and then popped in for an interview with Ollie and Lee.

After the interview, I was offered a position as a Digital Consultant. At this time, I was consulting with new customers on their website builds, with a side order of helping with marketing and copywriting, since we didn’t have a marketing department at the time. I also helped out with SEO enquiries because the SEM team was non-existent, too. Jack of all trades, master of nowt style.

After a while, myself and Ben Wilde were moved into our own department as Digital Account Managers – and a little later I was asked to assist with Web Changes during the Christmas rush. Eventually, I moved into the Web Change department full-time, which then led to me joining the Web Delivery team.

Interesting. How has your job changed since you started?

Essentially, I have moved from a consultation and utility role to being a Front-End Developer. Nowadays my weeks are broken up between delivering websites to our new customers, overhauling the sites of our existing customers, and making any post-build amendments for dealers that are looking to go live in the near future.

It keeps things interesting since I rarely know what I will be doing on any given day (other than going home when I need the toilet, ala Paul Finch.)

Where would you spend all your time if you could?

At my PC gaming.

I’ve heard stories about the naked mile, could you elaborate?

Well, I was going around a pub asking for some charity donations and a guy offered £100 if someone ran around Stoke naked; being the kind-hearted soul that I am I did it!

What would you rate 10/10?

Plumb Porter, it’s a strong and dark beer.

I know you’re a big fan of gaming, how did you get into it and what made you start streaming?

I’m not too sure if I’m honest, I think the gaming came from boredom, it’s amazing how quickly time passes when you’re online! The streaming was just a natural progression from playing more, a few people I played with did it, so I followed suit.

I’ve heard through the grape vine about your legendary Grimsby Town seasons on Football Manager, firstly why The Mariners? And secondly, tell us more about your exploits at Blundell Park!

Me and my group of my mates used to have a competition between us to see who could do the best with Grimsby before the new game came out the following year. Last year I got them to the Prem and also to the semi-finals of the Europa League! It only took me 22 seasons…

I’d say try it with Vale, but Ben Wood has spent the past 2 years attempting the same thing and only managed to get relegated! What’s your favourite TV series to binge watch?

Probably Inside Number 9. Wait actually, that’s a lie, Parks and Recreation!

Could you talk me through the infamous fancy dress outfit?

I went to a fancy-dress party in my normal clothes, the guy who was hosting the party wouldn’t let me stay without an outfit. So, I went home and threw on the first few things I could find. I went back in a high vis jacket, rigger boots and a thong… At some point during the night I lost one of the rigger boots and the thong…

Bet he regretted making you change! Is your Two for Tuesdays date with your dog a regular occurrence?

Almost weekly now. He has a gluten free cheese and tomato pizza!

What do you love most about working at Click?

I knew this was coming… As workplaces go, it’s very chilled out. The managers trust you to get on with your work without micro-managing you and I like that. There’s also so much career progression available, I started as a Digital Accounts Manager, then moved into development by constantly nagging people to let me have a go!

Perfect Tom, think you’ve nailed it there.

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