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Meet The Clickers – Dale Webb

Nothing signals the beginning of the weekend quite like a brand new episode of Meet the Clickers! So, as you begin to unwind after a hard week of work, grab yourself a brew and enjoy a landmark 80th episode! To mark the occasion, I sat down with newly-wedded, martial arts fanatic, Product Owner, Dale Webb! Here’s what he had to say…

Hi Dale, great to catch up with you mate! How are you doing? Could you please start off by telling us a bit about how you started life here at Click and what your normal working day consists of?

Hi Ben, I’m doing amazing, cheers for asking! I started at Click after spending five years at Synectics Solutions in Burslem and deciding that I wanted to get a job a bit closer to home to make things easier when I have kids. Long story short, the job that I got in Stafford wasn’t for me and after a few months there, I looked at opportunities elsewhere. It ended up being between Click and one of their partner companies actually, but after meeting Steve D and Shaun who interviewed me, I knew Click was where I wanted to go. Plus, I thought that the V8 engine tables we have here are pretty awesome, so that kind of swung it for me!

A normal day in my working life is a mixture of defining requirements for projects, helping to establish new processes, assisting and supporting ongoing projects and listening to Austin trying to be funny!

Austin’s jokes are painful at best! You’re a relatively new member of the Clicker family, how have you settled in?

Better than I could have hoped for, to be honest. Every single person here has made me feel really welcome, and I’d especially like to thank Jen and Shaun for helping me settle in and get to know the ins and outs. Having seen other new starters join since I have also, I can see that Click Dealer are very accommodating and like a big family (and in some cases actually are family) and I couldn’t be happier to be here!

Pssst… I pass my probation for these lovely comments as agreed, right? 😉

Haha, I’m not too sure! I’ve been told that you’re a big fan of gaming and streaming! Tell us more…

I certainly was in 2017 and 2018 – I initially started doing it because I really enjoy working, meeting new people and making money and for me, making YouTube and Twitch content was a great way to combine all of those things! I started doing pretty well at one point and was invited to attend Twitch London last year as a special guest, but then having to move house, change jobs twice and get married kind of disrupted my gaming routine and I’ve not done any this year yet!

Good stuff. Gaming aside, how do you like to spend your free time?

Outside of work, my time is split between watching as many Netflix and TV series as possible, practicing and teaching martial arts, cooking (especially slow cooking things), having a few beers with friends and continuing to get stuck into psychology/psychiatry/neuroscience. Oh, since getting married, I’d say consistently annoying my wife has to be up there too.

I’m sure that your wife appreciates that! What’s the best thing that’s happened to you in your life, so far?

I won’t (but probably should) say getting married or meeting my missus (that’s the boring option), but stepping in to have helped saved someone’s life once when I was a lifeguard felt incredible. They’d ended up having a full epileptic fit which really isn’t ideal in a swimming pool!

Amazing! What do you wish that you knew more about?

Everything. I’m kind of like a sponge in that I love learning new things about absolutely anything, there’s actually nothing I find boring really (except for maybe the personalities of the people we see in reality TV shows these days and cauliflower, it just doesn’t taste of anything!)

If you were in charge of organising a music festival, who would your three headliners be?

Insanely tough question as I love so many different genres, but if I was going to pick three acts in their prime who I knew would smash their performance on stage, I’d probably go with Queen, Dr Dre w/ Snoop and Red Hot Chili Peppers

Nice, some good choices! As an avid fan of martial arts, how would you rate your own ability on a scale of Kung-Fu Panda to Bruce Lee?

Haha, I wouldn’t ever talk about my own ability! In fact, I’ll hopefully live the rest of my life with nobody else ever having to find out. Since settling into married life though, I’ve noticed a bit of stomach growth on my part and in a few months, I will probably be very envious of Kung Fu Pandas ability, and physique!

If you could choose a final, epic meal, what would it be?

I’d probably cheat and ask for a pancake to have a pizza inside it with a ridiculous amount of cheese involved. Oh, and don’t ever underestimate the power of adding fish fingers to a pizza!

I’m not too sure what to think about that… Finally, what’s your favourite thing about working at Click?

Being part of such a great group of people who all put so much energy and passion into what they do. I’m still only a newbie here, but the ethos “work hard, play hard” definitely seems to be the case with the Clickers! =)

I completely agree! The determination and drive of the Clickers is something to be admired. Thanks for your time, Dale! Unfortunately, that spells the end of this week’s episode of Meet the Clickers. You can catch up on all previous episodes here, or if you’re already up to date, be sure to join us next week for episode 81!

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