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Meet the Clickers – Gary Williams

Episode 51 of Meet the Clickers has brought us to none other than Gary Williams!

I sat down with him yesterday to discuss his unwavering brand loyalty and celebrity lookalikes!

Hi Gary, I hope you had a lovely trip up to Click HQ! Could you explain to us how you started at Click please?

He hasn’t aged a day has he?

It all started way back when there was just Gerry and a developer and a handful of dealers using ClickDMS. I’d help Gerry onboard and support dealers in the south. As the business grew Gerry asked me to help develop channel partner relationships in the south.

As such, I’m now the Channel Manager for Click Dealer, I’m tasked with developing relationships with finance companies and third party suppliers to generate new revenue streams. I still manage a number of key accounts and help onboard the odd dealer that’s based in the south, especially if there are any bridges to cross!

If time and money weren’t an issue, what hobby would you choose?

I’d love to be an F1 Driver for Ferrari, who doesn’t love a bit of Italian class?

I’m sure you’d cause Hamilton some issues! I’ve heard you’re a bit obsessive when it comes to Starbucks how did that come about?

It’s all brand loyalty! I’m not that into coffee if the truth be known, but I love Starbucks as a brand and I think each day requires one of those cups and sleeves! I’m not one for the reusable cups, What’s the point of saving the planet when I’m not going to be here to enjoy it?

I love their tech too, I can order on an app and slide past the queue also, with every fifteen orders, I get a free one!

What’s your biggest pet hate?

People who ask me questions… No, I’d say litter.

I’m sure those Starbucks cups are recycled! Is it true you have a doomsday bunker under your house?

It is. I’ve got everything in there that you could imagine!

When do you think you’ll be using it?

If not next Tuesday, after the Brexit vote, definitely by March next year!

Ben Wood wants to know if he can hide there after Port Vale’s relegation next year? What’s one thing that would make the world a better place?

More doomsday bunkers… Less plastic would be great too, I’m very topical with that aren’t I?

Is it true you often get mistaken for Gary Lineker in the street?

Sadly, that isn’t true, it’s more likely to be Kevin Webster from Coronation Street. I’ve also been mistaken for Russell Crowe too.

I suppose you’ve got the knowledge to match Kevin’s! Could you explain to us how your niece (Click Dealer Director, Pippa Rawlinson,) ended up with a black eye after a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

Is this official? Well, we went into the fun house, she was probably only 3 or 4 at the time, her Mum and Dad foolishly entrusted her with me for an entire day. She decided she was going down a slide in said fun house that was a bit vertical…

She also decided she was going to go down head first instead of feet first, who am I to correct her? She slid the entire way down on her face and ended up with a black eye and a burn mark! I took her home, returned her in near new condition and went on my way!

Not quite how Pippa explained it to me! What’s the most annoying question people ask you?

Do you get mistaken for Gary Lineker? No, I don’t get too many annoying questions, I’m quite easy going, one thing that does get me though is people asking for Click’s services for less money! No, we can’t!

What do you love most about working at Click?

I read a lot of these, and everyone says the same thing, how can I be original? The drinks are free, every time I drop in it just gets bigger and better. I still need to pop my head down the bottom and see the new kitchen, I heard it’s magnificent!

I think that’s it for me, we’re constantly changing for the better. The people are alright too, not sure why everyone mentions the Directors in this though, most of them are pregnant!

Perfect Gary, you’ve nailed the original answer!

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