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Meet The Clickers – Jake Booth

In this months Meet the Clickers we talk to Jake from the Sales team

Hey Jake, so tell us, how did you end up at Click?

I wanted to be an actor/director after A-levels but that didn’t quite work out so Dad offered me a job in the family business, got qualified as a joiner, but wasn’t really for me so decided to try something different. I worked in car sales for a while, then a recruiter reached out in 2016 and that was it! I had an interview with Lee and Pip and didn’t even get home when they rang offering me the job in sales and I’ve been here since, working up to my current role as Sales Manager.

How has Click changed since you started?

Back then it was such as small team! It’s grown so much since then and gone from strength to strength. It was hard though covid when we went remote but I’m starting to try and get back in the office more.

How did you find being remote during lockdown?

Yeah, I didn’t like it! I prefer face-to-face and I missed all the activities. Like we would go escape rooms and bowling and things and we couldn’t do it. We’re trying to bring these sort of things back, as it is all part of the Click culture.

A couple of new people joined the team during Covid too I believe

Yeah, Rob and Ash both joined during Covid. Growing the team. We have such a strong team.

What do you like to do outside of Click?

I am a man of many hobbies when I have free time. I am currently trying to make my own Pod Racer (from Star Wars) out of recycled things. I like making things, artwork, drawing, and painting models. Keeps my mind occupied.

If I am not occupied I can slip into a dark place quite easily so I have to keep busy. I have bipolar, so it is a healthy mechanism to manage it.

You’re also one of the Psyclickers too, tell us about that.

Not to brag, I started the Psyclickers with Chelsea. I did a speech about my bipolar in the office that I was so nervous about doing, everyone was so supportive and it came off the back of that.

Pip is a legend, you can talk to her about anything and she will make you smile. So the three of us became Psyclickers, anyone can approach us if they need to talk about anything.

I hear you have snakes too, why did you end up with pet snakes?

I have always liked snakes, even as a kid I had loads of rubber snakes. As soon as I moved into my own place I got a real one. I think they are fascinating.

I currently have two, I did have three. My first one was David Boa, and he was a boa, I am a big Bowie fan so he was named after him. He got ill though and ended up very aggressive so he got rehomed when we had the kids.

I now have Beatrix the python and O-Ren the milk snake. I did have a bearded dragon too before we had Rosie.

So you were planning on being a fil director…what are your favourite movies?

I am so obsessed with films I actually have a document trying to order my favourite films but scoring them in different ways. This is the kind of sad thing I do in my spare time!

All time favourites…any Tarrantino films. The Matrix. No Country For Old Men. There Will Be Blood.

It is never to late to become a director you know ?

What is your favourite thing about Click?

The Directors. I think everything about Click is good, because they are good, they have supported me and others above and beyond. It is mental some of the things they have done to support the clickers.





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