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Meet The Clickers – Molly Gould

For our latest instalment of Meet the Clickers, I’m joined by Click’s very own Content Writer and yoga enthusiast, Molly Gould! What did Molly say when asked about who her favourite member of the SEM team is? All is revealed in this week’s episode…

Hey Molly, great to catch up with you! Could you please start off by telling everyone a bit about how you started out here at Click and what you do day-to-day?

Hey Ben, I am the Content Writer in the SEM team, so I write, a lot. So much, in fact, I have developed Carpal Tunnel! Don’t worry though, Steven Connor very kindly ordered me a wrist rest, fancy, right?

Very fancy. Your teammate, Callum, has asked me to mention Coconuts to you – I have no idea why! Tell us more…

I hate them. Everything about them. From the way they taste to the way they smell; they cause me physical and emotional pain!

I’m not a massive fan either, but physical and emotional pain? Jeez! How different is your life now compared to how it was one year ago?

SO DIFFERENT! It’s weird you should ask that as a year ago this month, I left a six-year stint at Signal Radio just over the road and headed for the bright lights of Manchester. Aside from the huge career change, I am studying to be a yoga teacher and I got my eyebrows tattooed on which is a massive change too!

Quite a difference then! As the only female in Click’s SEM team, how do you find working with personalities such as Steve ‘Sinatra’ Connor and Hassan ‘The Hulk’ Ali?

Ahhhh, I’m not often left speechless.
Only joking!

They’re a good bunch and I seem to be handy when giving the ‘girls point of view’ a lot of the time and get to listen in on a lot of lad chat. I’ll let you decide whether that’s good or bad!

Haha, no comment! I hear that you’re a big fan of the theatre! What’s your favourite show that you’ve seen?

Okay, I think this stems from the fact I went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the theatre two nights in a row!
That’s my favourite show, any excuse to dress up and have a glass (or five) of wine.

I’m surprised that you can remember the show after all that wine! What does your dream holiday look like?

Two words:
Yoga. Retreat.

I’m actually going to Greece for a week in September and there’s yoga on the beach every day, so I am pretty excited about that.
I’d also love to go to Bali and Thailand. Just put me on a plane and I’ll be happy!

I’ve been told that you are a big fan of music festivals! If you could create your own, who would your three headline acts be?

OH, I AM! So, this is going to sound really weird and I think I would be the only one there…

Metallica, Lana Del Ray and The Stone Roses.

That’s certainly a mixed bunch, to say the least! What do you wish was illegal?


A controversial one, who’s your favourite member of the SEM team?

They all have wonderful qualities and I couldn’t possibly say. Hassan makes the best brews though!

Finally, what do you love the most about working at Click?

I would say the fact that I get paid to do something I really enjoy – writing, hurrah! Plus, it’s a really relaxed and friendly place to work.

Great answer, thanks for your time, Molly!

Unfortunately, that’s it for this week. A big thanks to Molly for taking the time out of her busy schedule to have a chat with me. If you would like to catch up on all previous episodes of Meet the Clickers, you can do so here. If you’re all caught up, be sure to join us again in a couple of weeks for episode 86!

Until next time,



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