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Meet The Clickers – Natalie Arnold

In this month’s meet the clickers we chat to Natalie from our Customer Care team.

Hey Natalie, tell us how you start at Click Dealer?

I used to work nights and one day I went on a camping trip with Charlotte who also works at Click Dealer, and she said there were jobs going. I didn’t know anything about computers or technology, but I applied and here I am!

What’s your role at Click?

I am now customer care team leader of pod 1, I was promoted to this role a few months ago. It has been a rollercoaster, but I love it. I am so glad my colleagues talked me into it, I never believe in myself, but they do.  I have notes from when I started and didn’t even know what a URL was, I have progressed so much since starting.

Wow, that is incredible, progressing through the ranks! So, day to day, what do you do in your role?

I am so busy at the moment, phones calls and emails from dealers plus call QC’s, KPI’s and loads of other things to support my team. It is a very busy role; I don’t have time to be bored!

When you’re not at Click, what do you like doing?

I am getting married in November, usually I love eating out with friends and family but at the moment I am trying to lose a few pounds for the wedding.

Love getting in the hot tub with a few glasses of wine, doing some gardening and I cross stitch too but not done that in ages.

I get up at 4am to take my dogs out for a walk too.

4am! I didn’t know there was two 4 o’clocks in the day! Why so early?

Well, I have to walk them separately, it’s easier that way. Ted my Boxer is crazy and barks at everything and pulls me across the street. Then Winnie and Reggie can walk together but they will randomly decide to bite each other halfway through a walk so it turns into a complete nightmare!

How long until you get married?!

I get married November 19th. Only been planning since April, I proposed to him then, we always said we wouldn’t get married, we’ve been together 15 years and I decided I actually did want to get married

What would your perfect evening look like?

Loads of food, drink and dancing! Then falling asleep on the settee with the dogs.

But I also love watching Dirty Dancing and Game of Thrones. Love watching all the cheesy TV shows too, Love Island and all those.

What is your favourite thing about Click?

The people, I have made the best friends, they always encourage me and give me confidence.





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