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Meet the Clickers – Steve Connor

Meet the Clickers is here again and for episode 60 we’re meeting the legendary SEO Guru, Steven Connor himself!

In this instalment, the search engine optimisation wizard lets us know more about his brush with the law and fishy meals!

Hi Steve, I hope you’re well. How did you first start at Click?

To cut a long story short, Gerry got hold of my contact details and asked me to come in to work with the Click developers to make the Click platform better for SEO, due to my industry experience and expertise.

How has your role changed since you started?

My role has evolved from initially coming into the business to upgrade the Click platform in terms of SEO, to building and launching our SEM services and training a skilled team who now call me a Dinosaur! Between us we now manage over 60 SEM accounts for our dealer base.

Why do you hate the M6 so much?

The M6 is the bane of my existence. If I had a 10 year flashback now, it’d be a video of the world’s slowest roadworks. It can take me anywhere from an hour to three hours to finally creep into Stoke. It’s not like that every day, but when it’s bad, it’s bad.

Can you explain your catchphrase “I’m only one man!”

I’m assuming this is the work of your brother? It started when I’d first started at Click, I built the SEM team from the ground up and I had everything to do, from sales, meeting clients, building the product and while this was happening I had Jamie throwing leads at me and always asking where I’m up to with them. Along with recruiting and training my squad, it was very busy! One day I turned around to him and exclaimed “I’m only one man!” and he’s never let it go since.

I’ve got that quote on a face card somewhere! Hassan said your lunches aren’t the best and also said something about tuna, rice and vinegar?

When I’m at Click, I don’t always have time to prep my meals, but rather than go out and pick up a sandwich I’ll grab some easy and healthy items, like tuna and rice. That’s about as far as my planning goes though, so I often end up with no condiments. So, I’ll have a rummage through the Click cupboards and eventually find my old vinegar pot! Some flavour is better than nothing!

I’m not sure vinegar would be my go to topping… How often does your Dad let you drive his Jag?

It is not his Jaguar! I pay for it, it’s just sat in his garage. He’s the one who drives it though and also the one who breaks it. It’s currently sat in an independent Jaguar approved workshop where it hasn’t moved for a few months. It’s cost me just over £2000 in repairs and I haven’t driven it in two years! He still maintains he’s doing me a favour by driving it though…

I hear you’ve already decided on your funeral music?

Oh, it’s the Jurassic Park theme tune. Purely for the comedic value and to a put a smile on everyone’s face!

It’d certainly be something different! What music artist would you say is your guilty pleasure?

James Blunt. I absolutely love him. I’ve been to see him three times now. How can’t you love a man who stopped World War 3?

I’m not sure about the WW3 bit but we’ll carry on! Did you ever go to jail for your speeding?

It was technically Click’s fault! The letter came to Click for my speeding as I drive a company car, but they never sent me a letter. So, I just left it and left it. One day Pip came over to my desk panicking saying there’s a warrant out for my arrest because I’d left it for so long! Thankfully, she helped me sort it though!

I’ve been told your old car was condemned as a bio hazard, is this true?

Oh, get lost! That car went back spotless! It actually went back in a better condition than Pippa Rawlinson handed it over to me in, she had crisps everywhere, paint stains, sweet wrappers and I’m sure she had a washing machine in there at some point because the seats were ripped! There was a hefty bump on the back too where she’d crashed it! If she wants to talk about the Kuga, she can explain her battles with it first!

I did hear that Hassan refused to get in there without a hazmat suit on your longer journeys… Why does your name come up as Neo on the phone?

Because Graeme thinks he’s funny. He said all of my SEO stuff is like the Matrix, no one actually knows what we’re doing and we’re making it up. That’s why he calls me NEO, even six months down the line…

Bangers for Ben highlights?

I very much believe in ‘what goes on tour stays on tour’, but I’m sure I can think of a story that isn’t too incriminating! It was the morning after a particularly heavy night and we were racing to get to the next destination, the Belgian Police decided to pull us over and Jake told me I had to speak otherwise he’d throw up.

They were quite pleasant during the stop, but when they saw Jake’s makeshift cigarette filters, they assumed we had drugs on us! The sergeant called for the sniffer dog and set him off in our car. Obviously, the dog found nothing of the illegal variety, but did find a lot of our half eaten food from the days before! The dog got shouted at and so did we for laughing at the dog. They let us go straight away after that!

Jumping in the pool was fun too…

Congratulations on keeping it clean! I hear you’ve got a phobia of bees and wasps, is it true you set an Olympic speed record when trying to run away from one last summer?

This happened just after I’d been stung on my eyelid which left me blind for days. I’d also just got off holiday, to say the hotel I was staying in had a wasp problem was an understatement. So, I was on high alert as it is! But yes, I’m terrified of any stinging animals.

I’ll support you there, no one likes wasps. What advice do you have for Marco Silva at the moment?

Play the long ball like Sam Allardyce and Stoke! I’d also say beat Wolves at any cost, the points would be nice, but I also can’t afford to lose any more bets to Keiran Munn! They’ve cost me £20 already!

I’d say Vale are the bigger hoof ball team around here, but that’s a story for another day! You’ve been compared to the Monaco of Click Dealer due to your ability to nurture young talent, would you say that’s an accurate comparison?

Well you’d hardly call Hassan, Mbappe, would you? Monaco have definitely never had a player as strange as Callum either. I did train them but now they know far more than me as I’m a Dinosaur; hence the funeral song!

What do you love most about working at Click?

I could go for the cheesy answer, but I’ll try and be original. For me, I love the ambition here, we could very easily stay where we are now, offer good websites and all the little bits that go with them and turn a great profit.

Everything that we do, from starting Click Academy to the new products, there aren’t many companies in the world that have such a good understanding of their market and know exactly what’s needed.

I like it! Very original too.

If you enjoyed meeting Steve this week, make sure you check out our older episodes here. If you’re all caught up don’t forget to come back next week for our latest instalment!

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