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Instagram: What is it? And Why do I Need to be on it?

As one of the most popular social networks today, Instagram can provide a range of benefits for businesses and more and more companies are utilising it. If your dealership is not yet on Instagram, it may be time to change that.

What Exactly is Instagram?

Instagram seems to have come out of nowhere, becoming immensely popular very quickly, so there is no shame in admitting that you do not have a clue what the trend is all about. Instagram is a social networking app for smartphones, which revolves around sharing photos and videos.

Users have their own profiles and can follow other profiles. They can upload photos or videos which will appear on their profile and the newsfeeds of their followers and people can then interact by liking, tagging, commenting and private messaging, in a similar way to Facebook.

Why your Dealership Should be on Instagram

From that description, you may think that Instagram is just another social media site that teenagers use to show off, however, it is widely used and has a lot of business potential.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Instagram has become the second most frequently used form of social media after Facebook, yet only a small proportion of businesses use it, so it is still early enough to establish a solid presence on the platform and get ahead of the competition.

Visual Content is King

Content in the form of pictures or videos receives more engagement from users, presenting you with an excellent opportunity to build your brand.

Images can be used to reflect a story, mood or the values of your company. Instagram allows you to edit your pictures, with features such as filters, which can help to really establish the tone of your brand.

Instagram InfographicSales

According to Shopify, Instagram is one of the top social media performers in terms of both conversion rates and order value.

With 1.08% of visitors making a purchase after visiting a website which they arrived at through the platform, Instagram is the fourth best social network for conversion rates after Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube.

In terms of order value, customers tend to spend the most per order after arriving on a site through Polyvore, closely followed by Instagram.

Instagram is a growing phenomenon and now is the time to create a name for your dealership on it! With over 700 million users, the platform can offer a lot of potential customers. It can establish your brand through images, bring in sales and make you a significant threat to rival companies.

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