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Revhead Ramblings: Most Anticipated Cars of 2018

As each new year comes in, every petrolhead becomes excited and anticipated to find out what the manufacturers have in store for us.

Despite seeing all the spy shots and reading all of the reviews from lucky journalists, nothing will compare to seeing that car and settling into its seat for the first time.

Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin are currently going through a rebirth, a much anticipated one at that. Their previous cars, although brilliant, lacked some of the final quality you could find in the German saloons flooding our streets.

Aston have taken this statement literally, and now parts of their cars are being sourced from Mercedes, including the AMG twin turbo V8 that slots into the Vanquish. ‘This does define our core more than a DB11, if the DB11 is about style, this is developing something you can take racing.’

This shows Aston’s intentions for this car as well as anything else they may have in the pipeline and it leaves us very, very excited for the results!

The Greatly Anticipated McLaren Senna

The Greatly Anticipated McLaren Senna

“The brief was quite clear on this car, to make it as fast as we can around a track, but still road legal. It’s our fastest car, comparable to a P1 around a lap.” That’s Andy Palmer, Line Director for the Ultimate Series.

The Senna is powered by a variation of the 720s’ powerplant producing roughly 789BHP. The main call of this car is its obsessive focus on weight saving and downforce. 659BHP per tonne is about as much as we know in terms of technical figures, but this gives you at least a rough idea of the monster McLaren is producing and leaves us with bated breath waiting for anymore details!

Ford Fiesta ST

The new ST is so highly anticipated purely because of the recognition the previous model received. It kept things so simple, a turbo charger was about the limit of notable technology and made it one of the best superminis since the Peugeot 205 GTI; a bold statement, yet supported by many.

The new car has then undergone somewhat of a philosophy change, cylinder deactivation keeps it economical, selectable driving modes are there to ‘deliver a broader appeal for an even wider range of car-buyers.’ Will this subtract from the back to basics feel of the previous generation or will it make it even better suited for everyday life?

Singer/Williams collaboration

Singer Vehicle Design was founded by Rob Dickinson to give him a new outlet for his creativity and for his lifelong love of Porsche 911s. His company primarily modifies the 964 model.

The Williams version of his creation stemmed from one customer’s question, ‘What if Singer worked on restoring and modifying my beloved 27-year old Porsche 964, with the assistance of an engineering concern born from the world of F1. How would such a car look and how would it perform?’

In a nutshell, the result was a Singer restored 911 turned up to 11. Not content with just Williams’ help however, Dickinson also drafted in a roster of celebrity test drivers and a collection of the most celebrated Porsche designers from yesteryear. All of this combined, results in one of the best projects ever undertaken in the automotive world. A collection of new and experienced engineers, a simply stunning car and an F1 tuned engine; the outcome is outstanding.

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