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Revhead Ramblings: Three Cars That Could Have Been Special

Sometimes it’s just not meant to be in the automotive world. Whether a model is axed before it reaches the production line or sales fall short; there are many cars that deserved better.

From everyday heroes to bonkers hypercars, this list comprises some of the best cars that just didn’t cut the mustard, be that on the forecourt or in the accountants’ cruel hands. Some of these cars looked to be a smash hit but in reality, they just couldn’t cut it in the competitive market.

Alfa Romeo 4C

First let me give you the key points: a carbon fibre tub specifically designed for this car weighing just 65kg, an all-aluminium direct injection four-cylinder 1750 turbo engine producing 240bhp and a mission to deliver pure driving enjoyment.

Just before you get your cheque book out for this Ferrari puppy, it’s worth noting that this car is wide, very wide. Attempt to park this car at your own peril… Ok, so you may not be able to park it, but this is a car for the mountain roads! All the figures, engineering work and pedigree suggest this car should be an absolute world beater on tight mountain roads; however, despite an F1-esque frame, the steering is inert to say the least and lacks power assist!

Vauxhall Ampera

This car could have been the plug-in revolution trigger. It had a range extender, interesting design cues and didn’t drive terribly. Launched in 2012, it was the first plug-in hybrid passenger car to be offered in the UK; it even won the 2012 European Car of the Year awards! The four seat configuration, Astra size and steep asking price unfortunately kicked the car into touch. Where would we be now if this had taken off?

Jaguar CX-75

A fourth companion for the hypercar holy trinity, this Jaguar was a futuristic concept thought up to celebrate Jag’s 75th birthday. It received a staggering positive response from enthusiasts, resulting in Jaguar announcing a 250 car run. The project was cancelled shortly after due to a global recession though.

Jaguar briefly considered rebooting the project for their 80th anniversary but the idea never got off the ground. I really wish they did too. This would have been more than a billionaire’s investment piece, it may well have been the car to rekindle a once world-beating British marque…

Star Potential

I spent a fair bit of time looking into this topic and there were a huge number of cars I would have liked to write about. A good amount of Porsche rivals came to my attention that fell just short of the mark, tech-laden masterpieces that were arguably too advanced for their time and some obscenely fast executive saloons that would have been beaten to a bloody pulp by depreciation, making them fantastic used options. Each and every one of them, though, had the potential to become a star, sadly they never quite made it.

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