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Revhead Ramblings: We’re Due a New Hardcore Hatch

When I say hardcore hatch, I don’t mean a 400bhp RS3 or four-wheel-drive Golf R, we want stripped out cabins, raucous exhausts and plenty of exclusive badging!

Think Honda Civic Type R Mugen, Golf GTI Clubsport, Renault Sport Megane R26 R. These were all once sensible hatches, turned up to 11 by engineers somewhat freed from accounts’ lethal grip.

Rational Thinking Out of the Window

A hot hatch should be able to offer all of the comforts you expect day to day and performance figures not too dissimilar to an 80s supercar. That begs the question then, why make a hardcore hatch?

These focused monsters are stripped of sound deadening, air con systems and radios, and often rear benches are ditched too. Making a once practical hatch as well equipped as a touring car will make little sense to many, but when you’re in pursuit of driving thrills, logic must also be sacrificed to reduce weight!

Supercar Rarity Without the Price Tag

It’s unlikely that many of us will be able to experience the thrills of securing a limited edition Aston Martin or Porsche. It’s possible though, that you’d be able to secure one of the equally limited runs of a hardcore hatch. The 2006 Mini Cooper S Works GP found a home with 459 UK drivers.

The Honda Civic Type R Mugen can top that, just 20 of these cars made their way out of the factory in Northampton! That makes it as rare as a Pagani Huayra BC!

Future Options

The future of hardcore hatches isn’t as bright as it once was. As always, harsh emissions regulations, tight wallets and more demanding customers make the hardcore hatch a difficult thing to build. The Megane Trophy RS goes someway to convince us this market isn’t dead, but the light at the end of the tunnel may well be coming from MINI.

The John Cooper Works GP has been spied for the first time in public, sporting a huge rear wing and a rather aggressive body kit. This could well be the car to reignite this fantastic market and what a car to do it with!

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