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Being the industry’s leading performance partner for dealerships, Click Dealer is primed to assist independent van dealer’s in increasing their profitability in a very competitive market.

With much smaller marketing budgets to compete against franchises running national campaigns, it’s essential that independents take advantage of what Click Dealer can offer.

This is the second edition of a four-part blog saga. Each version will focus on how a different Click service can help your van dealership improve efficiency and profitability. If you haven’t read part one yet you can catch-up by clicking here

Episode Two: ClickEngage

The majority of purchases are now completed online. Consumers are becoming more trusting when inputting their card details on the internet and perhaps less confident when it comes to speaking to sales staff at a dealership. The Beauty of ClickEngage comes from its ability to allow potential customers to reserve and buy vehicles online there and then.

When it comes to buying a car, this is often an emotional purchase. People want to test drive the car, see it’s imperfections up close and spend a long time shopping around for the perfect car to fit their lifestyle. Van dealers, however, are brilliantly poised to benefit the most from ClickEngage. Buying a van, be it for work or otherwise, is often more factually driven.

  • Does it have good mileage?
  • Service history?
  • Any major damage? (Most customers will expect light wear and tear on a used van)
  • Affordable?
  • Tow capacity?
  • Storage space?

All these questions can be answered in a van’s listing on your website. With this knowledge and a strong image gallery, a willing buyer knows everything they need to, to make a reservation.

Creating More Time To Sell

ClickEngage is also a 24/7 process. When you go home for the day, you’d normally expect to reservations to cease until after opening the next day. But we’ve found that around a third of all vehicles reservations from our current Engage customers, have come from outside of working hours. This maximises the time when you can be selling vans and taking enquiries. Thanks to the portal integration feature, any enquiries from third-party portals will also receive an SMS and email in response to their enquiry. Reducing the chance that they will move on to another option in the meantime by keeping them engaged.

Enquiry Chart Click Engage

More Features

ClickEngage is also available on all devices. So whether someone is browsing from a desktop or a mobile phone, they’ll be able to make a reservation on your vans.

The service also allows customers to build their own deal by choosing their own add-ons and seeing how much each add-on costs. By providing this openness, your customer is much more likely to buy into the stacked deal, increasing conversion and profit margins.

They’ll also be able to choose from a range of different finance options to best suit them based on the stacked deal they’ve built. We’ve found that this increases the uptake on add-ons and total profits for your van dealership.

We hope you enjoyed our second edition and are keen to find out more about ClickEngage. You can do so by clicking here! Join us next time when we’ll be looking at why having strong SEO and website is so crucial for van dealers!

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