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Why your website needs to be up to date

First impressions matter and for most customers, the first impression they get of you and your dealership will be the moment they click onto your website. It is important that your site is easy to read, easy to navigate and easy to access. Now, this is the case at the best of times but during the COVID-19 lockdown, it is truer than ever.

If you usually have high footfall on your forecourt, you may see your website as a support tool as opposed to a key sales driver. But times are changing and with dealerships being physically closed to the public, now is your chance to open those digital doors.

In short, your website is one of the most useful tools you have at your disposal.

Temporarily gone are the days when customers could ‘pop in’ to have a look or to browse your stock in person. The experience has totally shifted to the online world where competition is fierce, and customers are fickle. It isn’t all bad news though. If your website is ready and raring to go, now is a great time for customers to view your stock and get in touch. You just need to make sure that your stock is visible with all the information to hand, teamed with slick photos and even a video, to help that browsing experience.

So, you have got all your stock listed and it looks great. What about your opening hours?

During these unprecedented times, chances are your physical dealership will be closed and you will be operating on slightly different business hours than usual. It is vital that you add this information to your website, so customers know how and when to contact you, as well as what to expect from you.

You can use your website like a shopfront or store window to display the most up to date information in the face of the lockdown. By being clear on your operating times, you are less likely to miss out on enquiries due to confusion on whether or not you are ‘open’. Include your opening times, preferred contact methods and also include if you are operating remotely!

By making sure all of this is up to date, you are arming yourself ready for when you can re-open your dealership fully, with a pipeline of eager customers waiting to view your stock.

Right now, it is important to keep your business operating as smoothly as possible in the circumstances. One of the key things to aid this is to make sure that your websites are up to date and ready to solve customer queries and questions.


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