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Revhead Ramblings: Weird and Extreme Motor Racing At Its Finest!

Competition can be found everywhere now, so much so that it’s all getting a bit boring… Money has a huge influence in all aspects of competition to the extent that a driver’s racing skill is no longer the sole factor for winning a race.

Thankfully, there are some people out there that have seen this as a challenge in itself and have developed some motorsport events to test the drivers in ways never seen before.

Power Racing Series

Power Racing Series

This event in America pits electric vehicles, often based around small children’s toys, with a maximum budget of $500 against each other in a less than serious racing environment. As long as you meet the safety regulations, you’re allowed to design whatever you like.

Cheating obviously isn’t welcome, but rather than disqualification, the marshals subject the car and driver to humiliating punishments! This is the perfect race for people who want to go motor racing in a relaxed environment with like-minded people.

King of the Hammers

King of the Hammers racing

King of the hammers combines desert racing with rock crawling. It attracts tens of thousands of spectators and features cars capable of over 100MPH! It was created in 2007 by two friends in a bar, the details were scrawled out on a napkin! Since its rise, the race has gained some big-name sponsors such as Mopar and Nitto. The challenge is to complete a gruelling 165-mile course in 14 hours or less. There are 5 races spanning the week featuring all kinds of 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Bar Stool Racing

Bar Stool Racing

No, this isn’t a joke. Bar Stool Racing is an actual competition. Powered by electric motors the vehicles must be built around a real bar stool. Whilst the races are a very friendly place to be there have been some more serious applications, the speed record for a bar stool racer is 46MPH!

As you can imagine, holding your balance on a 30-inch bar stool is extremely challenging. This all just adds to the thrill of watching and participating.

Lawn Mower Racing

Lawn Mower Racing

Lawn mower racing is as amusing to watch as it is to participate in. The vehicles must have been available for domestic purchase and use, the top end options go for around £1500 but you can spend far less.

Entry into the events costs around £150. The events are kept at such a low cost as each team has to enter a volunteer to set up the track, organise the campsite or become a marshal. This is one of the most fun yet challenging types of racing, it’s available to everyone and even Sir Stirling Moss has participated!

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