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Well-Filmed Videos Answer Buyers’ Questions

A full and well-filmed video should answer at least 80% of the questions a prospective customer might have, making it easier to convert a viewer into a buyer.

James Brown, Sales Manager at the Redgate Lodge dealership, said their award-winning videos typically last between three and five minutes per car and will have the full details and features explained as the vehicle rotates on a turntable as well as highlighting facilities such as finance, warranties, paint protection schemes and servicing.

James said the videos, produced in-house by the team at the Newcastle upon Tyne retailer, set the standard for the trade but he said the calibre is generally pretty high throughout the industry although some still leave a lot to be desired.

He said:

“A good video should answer at least 80% of the questions a potential customer might have. I’ve bought cars from out of the area and want to know things such as are there any scuff marks on the driver’s leather seat or something like that which should be shown. If everything is clear and above board it gives you confidence in the business and more likely to buy from it.”

In addition to the film he says that a full and detailed description of the vehicle, its spec, condition and history helps as do multiple images.

“We can put on 50 or 60 images of the exterior, interior, engine bay, boot, wheel rims and tyres, in other words, anything that someone might want to know about. It is about being open and showing there is nothing to hide and that is a real confidence booster.”

Track YouTube Viewings

James said Redgate Lodge tracks how many viewings a video gets through the YouTube channel they upload to but it doesn’t necessarily follow that a car seen multiple times is a better seller.

“Something like a Focus RS or BMW M3 appeals to the car enthusiasts and will be seen many times but that doesn’t mean all those watchers will want to buy it. A basic Fiesta might only be seen a few times but each of those people is probably in the market to buy so there is no direct correlation but it is something we track.”

He concluded:

“Using video to sell is becoming the norm and anyone not doing it, or not doing it well, is losing business. Customers expect it and respond to it and we as a trade should be providing it. Most of us are, but some still aren’t and increasingly they are going to struggle.”

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