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Are You Using Your Accelerator Pack’s Performance Dashboard?

Do you know how your dealership is performing? It can be a crucial insight to help increase efficiency and boost your profits. Click Dealer provides the perfect tool as part of our Accelerator Pack.

The Performance Dashboard allows you to review your performance and individual members of your sales team.

  • You can use filters to view specific sales types or locations to narrow down on areas you can improve.
  • See an overview of daily tasks with overdue and due soon highlighted to make sure everything is done on time. Clicking on overdue actions will take you straight to the action to complete in a diary
  • Reports will be available to you and displayed in pie charts. Giving you a visual indication of the: Top 10 Enquiry Sources, Total Sales Share/Salesperson, Enquiry to Sales Performance/Salesperson, Enquiry Source by Sales/Order.

Are you still using excel or maybe even a whiteboard to set targets and keep everything updated? The Performance Dashboard allows you to set up monthly targets for enquiries, sales count, test drives, warranties, finance deals and much more.

Set Targets For Staff

  • You’ll be able to see an individual’s overall performance for each target you set up and their overall performance for all of their targets.
  • Add priority targets which will ensure this is placed at the top of your report.
  • If you have a salesperson who consistently performs well, you can set them as a benchmark for the rest of your salesforce to aim for.
Using Data

Performance reports show actual data (opposed to actual data vs target data) and they will be adjustable using filters such as sales-type, location, and salesperson. This can help your dealership understand where your Dealership is finding a lot of success and where there is an area to target. You can also get a clear picture of your sales staffs performance. If you assign enquiries equally and fairly, then sales numbers should be quite similar across the board, but if someone is struggling, this could be a cause to review their sales techniques and maybe submit them to additional training courses.

Performance Dashboard

You’ll also be able to use this data to set up PPC and Social Media adverts that target areas where you have found a lot of success. This could be due to the demographic of people who live there, the distance to your dealership, a lack of competitors nearby or if you have done marketing in the area previously.

It’s also worth looking at postcode areas that you suffer in. Analyse the type of car people in that area might want. If you’re a dealer in Stoke-on-Trent who is looking to break into the Leek market, you could use adverts that include offers on SUVs or 4x4s to target the more rural area more specifically.

“I’ve Got a Text!”

These days having notifications sent to your mobile phone is perhaps key to make sure you can respond as quickly as possible. You can set up multiple notifications to come through via email or SMS (Note SMS are chargeable 5p per text). Some of the Notifications you receive can include, the deposit paid, a new enquiry, a vehicle price change, when a vehicle has sold, if you have any aged stock and more!

This can help your team stay on the ball with enquiries and send a response immediately, and complete the necessary paperwork to move a sale forward after a deposit has been paid. Overall, this type of notification system can increase efficiency within the team, and therefore, customer satisfaction.

When setting up your notifications, you’ll be able to adjust our templates and edit these to your liking. A Notification log is also available to view a history of every notification sent – so you will never miss a thing!

For more information on Click Dealer’s Accelerator Pack or specifically the Performance Dashboard feature, contact The Clickers on 01782 478220, via marketing@clickdealer.co.uk or through our contact page.


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