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Click Social: An Introduction

In our latest blog post, Social Media & Admin Manager, Joe Podmore takes time out of his busy schedule to explain all about Click Dealer’s brand new optional bolt on feature, Click Social, what it is, what it does and how it will benefit our dealers!
Joe Podmore
Joe Podmore – Social Media & Admin Manager – Click Dealer

Click Social is one of the first brand new products to come out of the incredible Click Dealer HQ think-tank for 2017 and it really does make day to day life considerably easier for our legion of dealers.

As part of our very own social revolution we are giving dealers the ability to auto-post updates to their company’s Facebook timeline, create bespoke social images and even host their own virtual car showroom on Facebook!

Facebook Business Page Setup and Virtual Car Showroom

Having to setup a Facebook business page can be a daunting prospect if you’re brand new to social media and don’t know where to start with all of the different settings and screens. But as part of the Click Social package, if a dealership doesn’t have a Facebook page already then Click Dealer’s expert social media team will set up a fully optimised profile for them.

Once we’re done, dealers are then left with a brilliant new social profile to attract more customers who might not have heard of them before and with over one billion people active on Facebook, it’s an advertising opportunity that shouldn’t be ignored.

With their Facebook profile now up and running dealers can then boost posts to appear to people in their locality, which is ideal because if potential customers are nearby then they’re more likely to visit a local forecourt, which will subsequently drive more high quality leads and in turn accelerate profits.

Companies can also benefit from a virtual Facebook car showroom, with an unlimited number of uploads, giving consumers the opportunity to browse all of a dealer’s vehicles without navigating away from Facebook. If users want to find out more information about a vehicle, they can simply click on the advertisement and be taken directly to a dealer’s website.

Facebook Showroom
An example of the Facebook Car Showroom.

Automated Facebook Stock Posting

One of the great things about Click Social is that dealers don’t need to be experts on social media platforms to get the most out of it. This new tool has the ability to save our clients a lot of time by automating stock posts every day rather than having to create them manually. When dealers upload stock to their website, it will automatically post to Facebook for them as well. This saves dealers from wasting considerable time duplicating their stock posts, giving them one less thing to worry about and freeing them up to chase more leads!

As well as posting stock, custom Facebook posts can be simply constructed by dealers from easy to use templates, pulled from the live data in their dealer management systems. This then enables them to setup and schedule their social media activity for the week ahead with engaging content such as supercars, blog posts, discount deals and competitions to complement their automatic stock posts.

An automated Facebook stock post from Click Social.
An automated Facebook stock post from Click Social.

Bespoke Social Images

These social images generated from the stock within each dealer’s own management system can be used for vehicle promotion on all social media platforms as well as on Auto Trader, giving dealers a professional edge on their competitors. Slick imagery can be created almost instantly by typing in text and ticking boxes, even if dealers don’t have much of an eye for design!

Stylish dealer branding and the key selling points of each vehicle are included and again created from data held within the company’s dealer management system. The key selling points included are completely customisable, giving dealers the opportunity to focus on different aspects for each vehicle.

Click Social’s overlay images are another option to give dealers freedom of design by pulling a vehicle image from their dealer management system and decorating it with a customisable sash in any colour and with any message. These are great for grabbing attention and remove the need to use any design software whilst still portraying the required brand image.

Social Image
An example of a bespoke ‘Social Image.’

All in all, Click Social is designed to save busy dealers time and assist them with their social media marketing activities. Having the ability to setup and forget about stock social posts, create bespoke images without using fiddly design software and the option of a virtual Facebook showroom means Christmas has come early for our dealers this year!

Get in touch with us today for more information or a free demo of the Click Social software by calling 01782 904 715 or emailing: marketing@clickdealer.co.uk.


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