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How Dealerships Can Reduce Their Advertising Spend

The cost of automotive advertising is getting increasingly higher, becoming a mammoth expense for car and van dealers. To avoid the damage this inflicts on profit margins, retailers must be smarter with their spending.

How do feed providers get away with charging the sky-high prices that they charge? Simply because advertising works. Advertising platforms are a huge lead source, and for dealerships to abandon them would mean throwing away numerous potential sales, so there’s no choice but to fork out.

While you may not be able to cut your advertising spend altogether, a bit of thinking outside of the box can help you reduce it significantly.

Reallocate Your Budget

One way to approach the issue would be to look at ROI and see if you can identify advertising channels that you can afford to drop. Lead tracking technology, such as Click DMS, is vital for measuring the effectiveness of the various channels your dealership is paying for.

In Click DMS, you will be able to call up a list of all of your lead sources and find out how many enquiries you have had from each one. With this information, you will be able to figure out how valuable each channel is, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not they are worth keeping.

Try More Cost-Effective Methods

You could also try different methods of advertising, such as PPC, where you will only be charged if consumers show a genuine interest in your product or brand. Alternatively, you could examine different lead generation techniques, such as SEO, social media and blogging. If these prove successful, you will become far less reliant on advertising feeds.

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