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Facebook Advertising Changes

Facebook Marketplace Feed Changes

Facebook is withdrawing their Facebook Marketplace feed for vehicles from 13th September which will affect UK dealerships.  We know this is disappointing news, and believe us when we say we share your frustration!

This change affects anyone in the UK using a third party feed to list vehicles on Facebook Marketplace.  From 13th September 2021, we, and all other agencies, will no longer be able to provide a Facebook Marketplace feed service and so your vehicles will not be added to Marketplace after this time.

Facebook have said “As we evolve and build for the future, we continue to invest heavily in solutions for the auto industry, creating products and surfaces that help auto advertisers reach more potential car buyers while improving the consumer experience throughout the shopping journey. At the same time, we need to cater for a wide range of potential buyers and sellers on our platform. On Marketplace we’ve seen increased usage and demand for shipped goods with onsite checkout. So, to meet that demand, and best serve the people and businesses who use our services, at this moment we are shifting our product resources from supporting distribution of vehicles and rentals listings via partner catalogues on Marketplace, to expanding our offerings and features for shipped goods with onsite checkout.”

Read their latest update: Facebook’s Statement about Marketplace Feed for Vehicles

For all our Facebook Marketplace Feed customers, we will continue to feed your vehicles onto Facebook Marketplace as usual until this service is discontinued by Facebook on 13th September.

There are still alternative ways you can promote your stock, and dealership, on Facebook once the feed is switched off:

  1. Use Marketplace to push high value listings from your personal profile page
  2. Set up a vehicle tab on your dealership Facebook page
  3. Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads

Our Digital Marketing team can support you with advertising on Facebook, including setting up your vehicle tab and utilising Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads – to help boost visibility of your vehicle stock and dealership.

Set up a vehicle tab on your dealership Facebook page

We can create a catalogue feed of your stock straight onto your dealership’s Facebook page – this will show your stock within a ‘Vehicles’ tab on your page.  When people visit your Facebook page, they will be able to click through to see your current stock.

Visitors can click onto your individual vehicles to find out more, message you, or go through to the listing on your website.

We can provide this service as part of our ClickCarousel Self Managed solution.

However, this doesn’t promote your stock and get your dealership in front of new people on Facebook.  When the Facebook Marketplace feed is switched off, you won’t get that visibility automatically – it relies on people going onto your page organically.

This is where Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads comes in.

Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads

To get your dealership in front of potential buyers and new customers on Facebook, you need to be advertising.  This does mean investing in some advertising spend with Facebook to get your advert, with a carousel of your stock, showing across Facebook in key places.  This advert showcases your stock, without needing to create individual adverts for each vehicle.

If you’d like support creating and running your adverts, our team are on hand to help you.

We can provide this service through our ClickCarousel Core and Premium advertising solutions.

We are here to help you still get visibility for your dealership across Facebook.   We can support our dealers with paid Facebook advertising solutions,  as well as running Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads through our ClickCarousel service.  Simply get in touch with our Clickers and we can run through the options for your dealership.

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