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How Facebook Messenger Marketing Could Help Your Dealership

More and more vehicle dealers today are discovering the potential that Facebook holds for their business. It can be used to build brand awareness, advertise, get content in front of customers and list stock via Facebook Maketplace.

One of the most beneficial tools that the social media platform offers however, is Messenger.

Why Use Facebook Messenger?

Messenger marketing is still a fairly new concept, but the live-chat system is fast becoming a mainstream channel of communication between businesses and customers.

When an individual needs to contact your business, they won’t necessarily go to your website first anymore, they’ll look up your company on Facebook and send you a message there.

Why? Because Facebook Messenger is a real-time chat communication channel, which means that customers can get answers to their questions instantly. It is also used for personal conversations, so people are familiar with it and trust it already.

As immediacy is what customers love about this method of reaching out to dealers, the channel is unlikely to work well for your dealership if you aren’t on the ball and able to respond quickly. Luckily, if you cannot afford to spare resources for this, there are still ways to provide instant responses, such as chatbots.


One thing that seems to be increasingly common is Facebook business pages using Messenger chatbots. These work by asking the user basic questions and responding to what is typed into the chat box to simulate a conversation.

Being artificial, the bot won’t be able to understand what the human on the other end is actually typing, but it will match the reply to the closest anticipated response in its database, so it will be capable of dealing with basic queries.

The benefits of chatbots are clear. Customers get the instant answers they crave, regardless of how busy you are, and your team won’t have to waste time answering questions about things like opening times, freeing them up to help out in other areas of your dealership.

If the chatbot you use is really intelligent, it could even ask customers about their requirements and show them suitable vehicles, putting relevant stock in front of the right audience. Think of it as a low-cost addition to your sales team!

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