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The Importance of Follow Up Emails

Social media is vital, getting your company and products out there is crucial for attracting customers. However, despite how popular sites like Facebook and Twitter are, when it comes to making sales conversions, emails are still the primary communication medium between dealers and customers.

Creating multiple leads online is vital, but being able to take a lead and turn it into a sale is the be all and end all.

Personalised Experience

In this day of email deluge, you can’t repeat the same practise and expect to improve or even maintain your results. Customers and potential customers are going through a revolution of rising expectations. They demand extreme value from email communications, so add more value to yours with new ideas.

Engage Potential Leads Straight Away With Emails

Immediately following up a lead shows the customer you want to sell them your product, they know they’re valued and a personal email can entice them in to view your offer. If this doesn’t work, an email can be sent after around three days to ‘check-in’, this can remind the customer of the enquiry they made and show that you still want to engage with them, even if they didn’t make a purchase right away.

Email optimisation

It’s important to consider how your emails are going to be received. If they’re receiving communications via their work email then they should have more time to sit and read the full correspondence.

If, however they are viewing it on their iPhone, it must be optimised for their reading. Viewing emails on a phone is often a rather rushed process, therefore if the lead is stuck scrolling left and right to try and read huge paragraphs they’re likely to disregard the email.

Keeping the first communication concise and to the point should secure links and make them take greater notice of your further communications as they’re now engaged.

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