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Are you turning your customers off?

You want to capture the attention of potential buyers from the very first time they come across your dealership.

You might have the right car, competitive price, and great customer service – but if your buyer is put off by your website, they won’t make that first move and enquire about your vehicles.  They’ll simply go elsewhere, and you will be none the wiser that you’ve just missed out on a potential sale.

Don’t just take our word for it – we’ve pulled together a few statistics for you:


Research – 92% of car buyers research online before they buy and spend an average of 10.5 hours researching their next car purchase.

Your website needs to work for you to bring in potential buyers, give them the right impression, and convince them to contact you.   You can’t just rely on third party sites to sell your vehicles, 1 in 2 people visit a dealer’s own website so you need to make sure it’s working for you as a key lead generation tool.

When buyers are researching their next vehicle purchase, are you making their shortlist of dealers to contact for further information?


Accurate – 81% of respondents think less of a brand if their website hasn’t been updated in years, in fact, 39% would think twice about using a product or service if the website isn’t fresh, user- friendly, and current.

It’s vital that your website is up-to-date and accurate.  This gives your buyers confidence in your dealership and helps build trust.  You don’t want to give your buyers any doubt: ‘If they can’t be bothered to update their website, what else have they cut corners on?’

Make sure you have a quick check through your site – is the content still correct, have you checked the links are still working, are you refreshing your site regularly with new information and vehicles?  If not, make sure you get it updated ASAP!


Design – 75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design.

Are you giving the right impression or are your buyers being put off?  Having great Search Engine Optimisation factors built into your website as standard can attract more visitors and bring traffic to your site- but once you have a potential customer on your site, you want to keep them there!

Your website should be easy to navigate, user friendly, fresh-looking, and look great on mobile and desktop.  If you’re giving the right impression, buyers will be more likely to spend time browsing your site – increasing the likelihood of them selecting a vehicle and enquiring about it.


Trust –  91% of people surveyed said trust in a salesperson or dealership is very or somewhat important in choosing from whom to buy.

Trust builds confidence.  A car purchase is a large investment, and people want to know that they can trust the company they’re dealing with – they also need to have confidence in handing over their personal and financial data to you.

Make sure your vehicles are described accurately and have a 360° view.   Include details about how you’re keeping people safe and what Covid-19 precautions you’re taking.  Have key documents easily available for customers.

Other things to consider to help build trust – Does your website have an SSL certificate?  Is your company registration number visible and easy to find on your website?  If you’re registered with the FCA, do you have your registration number and a status disclosure on your website?


Reputation  – 93% of consumers say online reviews impact purchase decisions  with 70% of car buyers checking reviews before contacting a dealer

This comes back to trust – customers want to feel safe in giving their hard earned money to your dealership.  Positive reviews, and evidence of handling complaints, can build trust with your future customers.

Are you asking customers to give you reviews and displaying these on your website?  Are you responding to potential complaints in a constructive manner?


97% of interviewed consumers say they are somewhat or very serious about buying when they come to contact a dealer

You need to make sure your customers shortlist your dealership when they come to buy their next vehicle.  Make your website an extension of your showroom and turn it into a lead generation tool to quickly turn around stock and increase your sales!


When did you last refresh your website?

Here at Click, we work with dealers to provide a great online presence – so you can maximise your leads and sales.

Research – our websites come with inbuilt SEO features to draw traffic into your website.  We also have additional tools and services to maximise brand awareness and lead generation campaigns to bring buyers into your online showroom.

Accurate  – We put all our websites through a quality control process to make sure they’re working properly, are on brand, and there are no missing links.  We also have an inhouse web change team who provide a quick turn around on changes you want to make to your website – you don’t have to wait weeks to get your phone number updated!

Design – We have UX/UI designers who produce customer focused websites that are built to maximise customer engagement.   We also provide refreshes for our dealers – so their websites don’t look dated; they’re giving the best impression of their dealership to potential buyers.

Trust – Our websites all have a https address and SSL certificate, helping you build trust with your buyers.  We also provide tools and features to make it easy for you to upload documents, add your FCA status disclosure, and provide complete vehicle information.

Reputation – we can support you with showcasing your reviews on your site, helping you build that trust with your buyers.

Our in house team of Clickers will work with you to provide recommendations that will help build customer trust and provide your buyers with a great online experience.  We have a dedicated Customer Care team who are just a phone call away to provide support for our dealers.

Our aim is to help every dealer buy and sell vehicles, more profitably, more often.


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