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Meet the Clickers – Jamie Baker

Hi Jamie, I hope you’re well! Could you tell us all how you started your journey at Click?

It was a really unique situation when I started at Click. They’d already amassed over 800 dealership customers, because of the strength of the web and DMS products and they’d never had a marketing employee, let alone a department! We were kind of the industry’s best kept secret, in that we had a sizeable market share in terms of dealerships but nobody really knew about us.

So, it was my job to come in and help to raise the company’s profile, get the ball rolling with some press and marketing campaigns and just build from the ground up really. From there on in, the team has grown and there’s now 7 of us in Marketing and we’ve helped to turn Click into a multi-award winning business that everyone is talking about!

Good stuff! How has your role changed since you started here?

My role hasn’t really changed because I’m still in Marketing, but no two days are the same, I love the variety and the way the Directors are always throwing different challenges our way!

What three people would you invite to your perfect dinner party?

Well, my girlfriend, Jess would be there anyway, because she does most of the cooking! So other than her, I’d have Michael Jackson, The King of Pop and Greatest Entertainer of All Time! I had tickets to see him on his This Is It residency at the o2 Arena, but he died before he made it to London, which was devastating!

Richard Branson, because I’ve read pretty much all of his books and think it’d be amazing to build up a portfolio of businesses under the same brand like he did, in so many different sectors, I’d be like a sponge!

And Dario Gradi, because of his phenomenal tenure at my beloved Crewe Alexandra, he managed the club for over 20 years and took a team who regularly applied for re-election to the Football League and pioneered an amazing academy structure which enabled us to produce our own players to scale the dizzy heights of Championship football for 11 seasons! A true football genius.

It’s a good job Jess is doing the cooking actually because she’d probably be bored to tears!!!

Could you explain your pre-meeting faff?

It’s nothing more than me being prepared. If I feel I might need a wee, then I make sure I get it out before we start. Lee seemed to enjoy seeing this in my meetings with him and he coined the term. I’d like to add that I’m not the only person who does it! I’m probably the only person who lays his things out on the table first though…

Why do you hate Postman Pat so much?

He’s evil! It all started with my Year 1 teacher Mrs Shaw, she explained to our class that in Japanese mythology anything with three fingers is considered evil and being a switched on kid, I knew that Postman Pat had three! It didn’t help matters that my bedroom bookcase had a huge Postman Pat on it either! Staring at that every night was traumatising as you can imagine. It got so bad my Dad had to move it out of the room…

Great thing to tell a group of 5-year olds… Why do you hate dogs?

Most people when you ask this question would normally tell you a story from their childhood where a dog attacked them or something, like poor Steve Connor. I can’t say that I’ve ever had that experience, a dog did once jump lunge at me forcing me to run into the road when I was young and on a walk with my Grandma but nothing too bad.

They say they’re man’s best friend, but they’re certainly not mine! Having been with Jess, my girlfriend, for nearly four years now, she’s got a huge husky, so I’ve just had to get on with it. Teko’s lovely and soft as a brush, but I can’t see myself ever owning a dog. I hate dogs that jump up and ones that bark, so they have to be pretty placid for me to be a fan! I’m far better than I was, maybe not a dog lover, but a dog tolerator! On that note your dog Ben is also one of my favoured canines, he knows not to jump up at me, although I did nearly fall off the sofa last week when he barked unexpectedly!

This is Ben, the dog Jamie has grown so fond of!
Jamie has even had to get used to walking Jess’s Siberian Husky, Teko! The things people do for love eh…

Can’t argue with you there, Ben is one in a million! If you could give your 18-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Grow your hair and good things will happen. I went far too long with a buzz cut!

That’s a great idea, I’m sure you would have liked a few extra years with a full head of hair… Why did you bleach your hair blonde?

Around the time I did that it was summer, we were about to go to Holland to play football in the Harlem Cup in Amsterdam and it was during the time when Eminem was big, the look was in! It was only a temporary thing and I looked cool! Unfortunately, around that time there was an Albino contestant on Big Brother called Darnell, unfortunately that was the nickname I picked up rather than ‘the English Slim Shady.’

I’ll take your word for that… What food do you hate the most?

Baked beans or tomato ketchup. It’s a draw between them really. I’ve had a lot of issues over the years because of both as you know all too well!

I’ve never understood that one! What’s your favourite sporting memory?

People always talk about when Beckham scored ‘that’ goal, nothing else needs to be said, you know exactly which one. I was behind the goal that day in the Stretford End when Beckham single handedly dragged us to the World Cup against Greece at Old Trafford. Up until that point I didn’t understand what people meant when they said someone covered every blade of grass, he was incredible.

Crewe making their way to the Premier League will top that I’m sure? What do you love most about working at Click?

I don’t want to give the generic stock answer to this question which seems to be programmed into all the Clickers! For me it’s working for a company where you’re not just another national insurance number or a bum on a seat, you’re a person with feelings and a life outside of work and the Directors all take a genuine interest in you, they don’t see the staff as just employees, they see them as people first!

I also love being able to play a small part in the continued rapid growth of this business, when I started there were 40 odd people, there’s now 80 odd and I’ve not been here two years until the end of January. Gerry is a genius and an inspiration, the things you learn from just being around a true entrepreneur like him on a daily basis are invaluable, it’s infectious too!

PS- Anything you’d like to say to Ben Wood?

I think it’s inevitable this season that Vale will end up sacking Neil Aspin and it’ll be an awful mistake and they’ll go down this season, so I’m glad we let them have one win over us back in September. Oh, and how many years has that stand been half finished for now? You may as well just knock it down! YOUR GROUND’S TOO BIG FOR YOU! YOUR GROUND’s TOO BIG FOR YOU!

Thank you Jamie, a pleasure to chat as always!

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