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Meet The Clickers – Natalie Arnold

As the Halloween decorations are put into storage for yet another year, kick back, relax and start your weekend off in the best possible way with a brand-spanking-new episode of Meet the Clickers! For episode 88, I am joined by our lovely Customer Care Executive, Natalie Arnold. I caught up with Nat this week to discuss everything from her secret midnight snacking to her Codeweavers confusion! Here’s what she had to say…

Hi Nat, great to catch up with you! As always, could you please start off by telling us a bit about how you began life here at Click and what your role is like, day to day?

“Hi Ben, I started at Click through my friend Charl telling me about a job vacancy here. I started in the Web Onboarding team and three weeks ago, I moved to Customer Care, where I support our customers with any questions that they may have (still something I am learning!”)

Great stuff! In your opinion, what’s the best way to start the day?

“The best way to start the day is definitely with a large cup of coffee and a snuggle off my dogs.”

Sounds lovely, can’t argue with that. What’s this I hear about your secret midnight snacking?

“Yes, thank you, Helen! I am partial to eating rather a lot at night-time. I blame the fact I used to work nights, not because I love food. It normally consists of a pack of biscuits too!”

Oh, trust me, there’s plenty more to come from Helen about you yet, Nat! What do you wish that you knew more about?

“I wish I knew more about computers, I would find this really useful! Actually, I just wish that I could wake up with Chloe’s work brain.”

Once again, your good friend, Helen, told me about your love for the TV programme ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ and that you always greet each other with phrases from the show and because of this, there was an unfortunate mix-up with another Clicker’s birthday card! Tell us more…

“Yes, I thought that the card was for my Helen (Helen Lockett) only to realise after I had written it that it was for Helene Ward! She must have thought that I was a right nutjob quoting a load of phrases from ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ to her.”

Oh dear, haha! What is your biggest claim to fame?

“I have no claim to fame, really. I suppose that I am known amongst my friends for getting drunk very easily and dancing like a complete idiot, I always think I look ace though!”

I’m sure that there will be plenty of that at the Clicker Christmas Party next month! At the beginning of your tenure here at Click, I was told that there was a bit of confusion on your part with regards to who Codeweavers are. Care to elaborate?

“Ok, ok, I thought that the Codeweavers were the guys and girls downstairs (Click’s Web and Tech teams) who deal with all the clever web stuff. I thought that was a nickname for them, whoops!”

Hahaha, I’m not quite sure how to follow that! What are some of the small things that make your day better?

“Cheesy I know, but all the Clickers here make my day better. I can always have a good laugh with everyone and not one person has made me feel unwelcome or stupid for knowing nothing when I started.”

Cheesy, but true! Tough one for you. Who is your favourite Clicker?

“Oooh, my favourite clicker?! I’m gonna get shot by Harriet for this, but it’s got to be Helen Lockett. We share a lot of things in common and she just gets my sense of humour.”

Helen is a thoroughly lovely person, but you’d better hide when Harriet sees this! Finally, what do you love the most about working at Click?

“The thing that I love most about Click is the people and the support I have been given by everyone Ben, Kate and Danni have really championed me.”

Fantastic answer, Nat! I’m sure that all of the Clickers agree.

Unfortunately, that spells the end of episode 88 of Meet the Clickers! A massive thanks to Natalie for taking the time to chat with me. You can read all previous episodes of Meet the Clickers here and if you’re all up to date, be sure to join us again in a couple of weeks for episode 89!

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