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Meet The Clickers – Alice Bailey

In this months Meet the Clicker we talk to Alice from web onboarding and find out all about her journey through Click Dealer.

How did you start at Click?

I started on an apprenticeship with no idea what the job entailed! I had no idea what stock copying was but one of my friends worked for Click Dealer and told me what it was all about, I still do the same job now, but no longer as an apprentice.

Do you find it quite a repetitive role?

I do, but I enjoy it, there is an end goal with it I can see. So I will work out how long a job will take me, I know roughly how long it takes to copy over certain things…but I do end up over estimated quite a lot sometimes!

What are your favourite hobbies?

I play Netball each week, I don’t play for a club at the moment but I used to play for Newcastle-under-lyme Town. At the moment I just play Stoke league on Monday nights, no training which is very hard! I am very competitive, so playing the games only without training is what I like.

Other than that, I love a good night in and going Primark shopping!

What is so fascinating about Primark?!

There is just always new things to look at. I enjoy having a look – the home section is amazing. I’d say I don’t spend a lot in there but I probably actually do!

I like the Stoke store because it is smaller than the big city ones which are a bit too big for my liking. I can spend a good couple of hours in the Stoke store on late night shopping when it’s quiet.

What’s your ideal night in?

I love just sitting around a table with my friends, we play Photo Roulette. It’s basically an app and it pulls random photos and you have to guess who’s photo it is. It’s so funny!

I also love a night on the sofa, love watching Love Island and at the moment I’m rewatching The Walking Dead, absolutely love it. I love zombie stuff and natural disaster things. I’m saving up for all the holidays in my head at the moment so it’s all nights in for now!

Where are you planning on going on holiday?

Going Tenerife, hopefully Marbella in June, Australia hopefully for a few weeks later in the year and going on skiing festival holiday in December. Maybe Hungary with my friend too.

I love travelling and seeing different places, it only really started last year –  I went Tenerife, Rome, Venice, Rhodes and Aiya Napa.

What’s your favourite thing about Click?

The people. I love everyone’s humour, I get one with everyone and love them all. Love going Click Bowling and the other activities that happy. The people are the best.


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