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Meet The Clickers – Emily Pemberton

In this months Meet the Clickers we talk to Emily from the Customer Care Team.

Hi Emily, so you have only been at Click a few months, tell us what got you to Click?

I saw this position and loved how the company values said they were a family and focused on mental health, it really caught my attention as mental health is really important to me.

I love it here, everyone is lovely. I am really hard on myself sometimes but everyone is so supportive and helpful. I really do love it here.

How did you get into working with Customer Care?

Everyone has always said my personality worked well for Customer Care as I am good with people. I have always worked in that kind of role.

At the moment we have a heat wave, so how are you finding coping with that?

I hate it. I used to live up in Scotland, it was cold and raining, it was so great! I am going to Skegness at the end of the month and been told I am not allowed to complain about the weather until we come back.

I am so pale, so if I am out in the sun for 5 minutes I burn!

Tell me more about Scotland, I love it up there. Where did you live?

I’ve been a few places Partick initially, then Glasgow city centre, Musselburgh, then Edinburgh.

Glasgow was my favourite. It is just so cool, I was there about 4 years, I went uni up there. I got to do so much cool stuff. I was an extra on Still Game so got to go to this really cool building in the middle of Glasgow. And everyone is just so nice there!

Though I do love the vaults in Edinburgh, love the ghost tours down there!

I hear you are a music lover then! What are you into?

I am into everything except House. If I had to pick, 80’s and 70’s classic rock is my favourite then Rap and Hip Hop. Music speaks to my soul.

Who is the best band you have seen live?

Muse. They were so, so good. Killers were really good too and Brian Fallon (from Gaslight Anthem) when he brought out his solo album.

Apparently, Rammstein are really good live, not seen them but heard so much about them live, with flamethrower jackets and things. Crazy, I love it!

What do you like doing in your free time?

I am a massive gamer, I love PlayStation. And my old lady habits, I love cross stitch, embroidery and painting pottery. Love going to paint like mugs and get them glazed, do it with my little sister all the time.

Acting is my biggest passion. It has been a while since I have done anything though, I studied it at uni too, so that is massive for me.

What kind of things have you acted in?

One was new writing by Ivy Lynch and one called Interruptions which had been re-written by Stephen Geoffrey’s wife. Playwright Simon Stephens came to the show and I was so tongue-tied around him!

I love theatre and proper emotional roles, I love doing heartbreak, grieving roles. They are so fun to play.

You mentioned cross-stitching earlier, tell us about that?

I love it, last one I did was a Lord of the Rings one of the Hobbit hole. I just get lost in the patterns. I have a Wallace and Gromit one I want to do next. It is cheap and makes thoughtful gifts.

I find it so relaxing. I love to embroider too but it isn’t as relaxing, I have to concentrate more whereas cross stitch you can just get lost in it.

I’ve never really watched or read Lord of the Rings…are you a Harry Potter fan too? I know a lot of  people who are into Lord of the Rings are into Harry Potter too.

It’s not as great as Lord of the Rings if I had to pick between the two. But you know what, it’s cos I am a massive arachnophobe and had to watch Chamber of Secrets in School…put me off, can’t do it! I am playing a Lego Harry Potter game and it has Lego spider and even they freak me out!

Getting someone else to squash the spiders when you see them in real life then!?

Honestly, can’t go near them. One time when I was looking after my little sister, I saw one go across the sofa when I was on a meeting. Couldn’t find it anywhere after then it suddenly crawled along the sofa. Ended up getting the hoover, hoovered it up and then hoovered up loads of heavy stuff to make sure it squashed it in the hoover, covered it in tin foil, then clingfilm and put it outside!

Last question, what is your favourite thing about Click?

The people. Everyone speaks to each other if you don’t really deal with them, everyone is so lovely. I love coming to work. Everyone is so supportive, in all the teams.



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