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Meet The Clickers – Matt

In this month’s meet the clicker, we speak to Matt, our Chief Technical Officer and part of the Tech Team, and learn more about his role at Click Dealer and his love of travel.

What is your role at Click?

I am the CTO at Click Dealer, I work with the senior leadership team and directors to understand the business requirements, then set the tempo with the tech team and work out how we can accommodate the requirements in a strategy that helps us deliver the business values and build it in a solid way.

It sounds like you have quite a busy and demanding role?

Yeah, I have a lot of meetings and discussions and also connect with a lot of teams, so it is definitely very busy!

What’s it like being part of Click Dealers tech team?

It’s great, I love helping our tech team grow and increase their skill sets.

Our tech team are all unique individuals, none of them are stereotypical techy people, they all have different strengths, different outlooks and motivations so it’s always interesting.

What are the tech team working on at the moment?

We’re working on some exciting projects and have a roadmap of future products.  We’ve also been training up our team and developing their skill sets so that they can build the tech of the future!

What do you love to do in your spare time?

I love travelling, I go away quite a lot, most recently to Prague on the May bank holiday weekend.

What’s your favourite place you’ve been too?

Probably Hawaii, a paradise island with a Walmart, nice restaurants and shopping malls.

Also Tokyo and South Korea were lovely. We went on sleeper trains, talking to the locals in broken English that don’t see many Westerners. Both equally good fun.

I love travelling, I even love the actual travelling part.

What is it about the actually travelling you love? That isn’t most peoples favourite.

Well, historically I’ve been on call 24/7 and when you are on a plane for 8 hours you can’t be on call, even if there is a huge problem you can’t do anything about it. So, I actually relax on the plane more than day to day. No ones going to be contacting me.

I hear you love to play football too?

Yeah, I play every week in a league in Crewe. It gets together people who wouldn’t necessarily usually play, people my age, people wanting to lose weight etc. There’s about 100 people and we all know each other so it’s a good for mental health and socialising. We do a lot of raising money for charity too, I am playing a match next week at Stoke so that will be fun!

Finally, what is your favourite thing about Click?

The culture. Absolutely. We look after each other and innovate. I love to go 100mph and Click is probably the only place that will let me do that.


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