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How Mobile Business Apps Can Improve Efficiencies

It is hard to believe that just ten years ago, the vast majority of people in the UK did not own a smartphone, when today, they are with us wherever we go and when we are without them, it is as if we’ve lost a limb!

According to a recent report by Ofcom, entitled: “A Decade of Digital Dependency,” in 2008, just 17% of the population used smartphones, in comparison to 78% this year. The data revealed that around 40% of adults check their mobile phone as soon as they wake up and just before going to sleep and they have now become the device that people say they would miss the most, above TVs and PCs.

It is true, smartphones dominate our lives, but are you making the most of yours? There is a wealth of mobile business apps available today, and you may be surprised at how effective they are at saving you time and increasing your productivity. Mobile business apps come in a variety of shapes and sizes but here are a few general ways in which they can improve operational efficiencies.

Store Lots of Information in One Portable Device

Storing data in a physical form could leave you with several hefty filing cabinets, which take ages to find anything in. In this day and age, there is no need for you be wasting valuable time trawling through paper documents.

Even using a desktop PC to input and obtain information means that employees will have to be at a desk. With a smartphone and the right app, data capture and retrieval can be done anywhere, which can drastically speed up administrative processes.

Reduce Overheads

For any business, it is beneficial to be constantly on the lookout for ways to save money. A major advantage of embracing digital methods is that they reduce the need to use expensive machines like printers and copiers, as mobile business apps allow you to transfer data between devices paper free. This will save you money on ink, toner and maintenance, and you’ll even be doing the environment a favour!

Better Communication

Another huge benefit of mobile business apps is instant updates. Good communication within a business helps to make sure that everything functions smoothly and enables employees to deliver a better standard of service. The ability to exchange real-time information and see what everyone is working on can have a very positive impact in this area.

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