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How to Sell More Cars Online

Digital retail is becoming an increasingly popular option, but making it work for your dealership isn’t a walk in the park.

Making digital vehicle retailing successful requires commitment and building trust with customers.


We have seen a lot of our dealers committing to ClickEngage™, adapting their processes to respond to digital enquiries. This dedication has been rewarded, with the dealers getting more leads and finding them easier to manage with the software.

Incorporating online retail is not something to simply dip your toe into, if you choose to do it, you must commit to it if you want to see the best results, and this is likely to involve making changes in other areas of your business.

Finding Other Ways to Build Trust

One of the challenges to selling cars online rather than in person is that it can be difficult to acquire trust, but there are ways to do this online. If a customer is going to reserve a car before viewing it, they will want as much detail as possible, so you must make sure that your vehicle description is thorough and accurate and that you provide photos which give consumers visibility of every angle of the car.

Displaying reviews on your website as well as external sites is also a great way to build trust with new customers, because previous customers are impartial and have no reason to be dishonest.

Video is a powerful tool in building trust. Video presentations and 360-degree images can be even more effective than photos because it is harder to hide things, and it simulates the experience a customer would get if they were to visit the dealership and walk around and sit inside the vehicle, without having to be there in person.

Lead Generation

As I said before, if you try online retailing, you have to commit, and part of this involves promoting your new service and driving customers to it, because if people don’t know that you have this new method of buying cars which makes their life more convenient, you can’t expect them to use it.

Yes, this may mean investing more resources, but you must have faith that the reward will be far higher than the cost. A good start would be to send a mass marketing communication informing customers that they can now be in control of their own deal and reserve a car from the comfort of their own home!

This would also be a good time to allocate more of your budget to digital forms of lead generation, which will reach people who are most likely to buy cars online. Enquiries from advertising portals will drop into ClickEngage™ and take customers through the process immediately so this is a great place to advertise and capture leads.

PPC and SEO are also great methods of lead generation, sending customers directly your website where their enquiry can be handled by your online retailing software which is why ClickEngage™ and ClickSEM go hand in hand.

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