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Why Click Engage?

Given that the majority of sales are now completed online we were keen to have a solution that would bring this option to the automotive industry.

Benefits to the customer
  • Gives the customer the ability to truly understand the add-ons available, what their benefits are and how much they cost.
  • By providing this openness, your customer is much more likely to buy into the stacked deal, increasing conversion and profit margins.
  • Ultimately the whole customer journey is catered for online, from providing their personal details, adding a part ex to the deal, stacking products, financing and then reserving online.
  • Designed to engage the customer, providing them with all of the information and functionality required to commit to a sale.
  • With more and more people expecting quick sales, quick delivery and everything available at the click of a button it’s time to embrace our system and online sales.
  • Provides a better user experience and customer engagement
  • Increased sales
  • Better add-on uptake
  • Drive the cost of sale down
  • Automated enquiry responses in a timely fashion
  • Less chance of the customer browsing the competition
  • Ultimately provides you with a higher profit margin and saving you time
  • Better engagement and transparency to empower the customer
  • Enquiries Out of Work Hours
  • Enquiries in Work Hours


Finance Integration

ClickEngage™ works perfectly with finance partners. The customer can have full visibility of what the finance options are for the vehicle.
The true power of this integration is that we can provide a finance figure based on the stacked deal as built by the customer. We show this information in a way that entices the customer to spend, showing them low per month figures for add-ons – helping to increase add-on uptake.

Portal Integration

We know that the peak times that people are online browsing is between 8pm and 12am. We know that a lot of enquiries will come in from portals, many of which wont be responded to until the following day. At which point a customer may have moved on to another dealer.
Our platform will automatically send out SMS and emails to engage with the customer.

Works on all devices

We know that browsing the internet on a mobile device has now overtaken browsing on a desktop. We also know that during the evening that gap is even bigger. That’s why we designed and developed ClickEngage™ with a mobile first approach.
The whole journey from start to finish feels great on a smaller devices, empowering users to really engage with the dealer.

Take reservations online

Our vision is to enable customers to purchase a vehicle online. We want to facilitate our dealers in getting to a point where Click & Deliver or Click & Collect is a viable option.
ClickEngage™ will allow the customer to pay a deposit online, ensuring that they can reserve the vehicle and making the sales process quicker and easier for the dealer.

Automotive buying habits

  • Walk in
  • Online

Digital consumer stats

Response Time

Over 50% of people expect a response within 1 hr, slow responses will lose business


Providing transparency increases sales, you should enable the customer to buy into their own deal


Over 75% of customers have said that they are happy to see relevant products during their online buying process


Customers have never been more familiar with customising their online purchase, with so many options the customer is much more empowered to make the right decision and potentially explore options they wouldn’t in a dealership

don't just take our word for it

Solo Cars

“ClickEngage™ has massively improved our customer response times and deposits taken on our out of hours enquiries – and the best bit is, I don’t have to do anything!”

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“I love the fact that the customer feels in control of the sales process, but really we still are.”

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Crompton Way Motors

“ClickEngage™ is an excellent step in the direction of the new digital customer.”

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