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Does Snapchat Have Any Business Functionality In The Car Sales Industry?

Hold on, just give me a minute, I need to take a selfie… Ok, we’re good. Do you or your business have a Snapchat account? Maybe it’s worth exploring how it could be applied to your business and if getting onboard with the current generation’s favourite app, could add a new window to your business.

You’ve surely heard the phrase “A picture tells a thousand words”, I think the truth is we can analyse a picture quicker than we can read 1,000 words. We’re busy people, do you want to read a 10,000-word report on a car you’re thinking about buying? Or do you want to see a gallery of images and videos you can view in 5-10 minutes? There are options available professionally such as CitNow for sharing videos and photos with prospective customers, but Snapchat might add something… More?

Social media is contagious. Millions of people are online, all at the same time, all on their choice of platform. If you can provide a service on a system they already use and are comfortable with, then you’re going to have better results from a customer satisfaction point of view. If you can build up a Snapchat following using something like a paid Facebook campaign or similar activity, you are able to interact with your customers in a unique and memorable way.

What Can Snapchat do?

You can advertise your latest stock, exclusive Snapchat offers, competitions for the best Snapchat, and utilise photos and videos for a customer enquiring directly about a car they’ve seen whilst you talk them through it. This doesn’t require you interrupting your customers busy day with a video call or conversation over the phone. With Snapchat they can view the content you send whenever they’re ready.

I’m not saying it’s THE best way of reaching new customers, but it could be worth exploring, right? Especially for hitting new drivers looking for their first car. In the UK, 1.6 million drivers take their practical tests every year. That’s a major number of potential new conquest customers. Chances are slim that in the huge number of franchises and independent dealers in your area, a healthy percentage will find your website or pop in for a visit. But what if you found a way to get to them first? If you can create a fun and interactive page and then offer special offers to your followers, via a Snapchat promo code, then when they do pass their test and start thinking about a car, they’ll have a good idea where to start looking.

For some awesome tips on using Snapchat for your business, click here for more information on how you can get the most from Snapchat.

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