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Tips to Improve Dealership Marketing Online and Offline

These days, it seems like it’s all about digital, but your marketing strategies should not be limited to the virtual world.

Click Dealer is and always has been a huge advocate of embracing digital. We believe that customers should be able to find your dealership easily online, and when they do, they should have the best possible experience on your website.

However, it is very easy to get caught up in trying to provide the best online experience, all the while, in-store processes are being neglected. The best car dealers will look for marketing opportunities at every stage of the purchase process, from start to finish.

Find out What Works and Incorporate It into Processes

There are a variety of factors which can affect whether or not a consumer takes an interest in your dealership online, from the design of your website to the specific keywords you target with your PPC advertising. Equally, there are numerous sales techniques you can use to try and get customers to make a purchase once you have captured their interest.

It is all about finding what works for your dealership, which means you need to test different methods. And, once you find something that works, whether it be a certain type of social media post that drives a mass of engagement or a specific sales approach that is particularly effective, share it with your team so they can replicate it. What works will always change with new customers and trends, so you will need to be testing constantly.

Paint a Picture

It is unlikely that a customer is going to walk into your dealership and ask for a car with at least five different driving modes but telling a potential buyer that a car can adapt to different environments to create the best possible driving experience may just convince them to purchase it.

My point is, that consumers are generally less interested in the features of a vehicle than the benefits those features offer. When you are next writing copy to advertise your stock or telling a customer about a car, consider trying to tell a story, rather than simply listing off features.

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