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Top Tips for Preparing Your Dealership for the Winter Ahead

The final two months of Q4 are notoriously quiet for dealerships and forecasts promising it will be the coldest winter in ten years are unlikely to encourage people to leave their homes to go car shopping.

It has been a positive year for used car sales so far, but the remainder of 2018 could prove difficult for dealers, so it is best to make sure that you are prepared.

Stock Suitable Vehicles

If you have any coupes and convertibles left over from the scorching summer that boosted demand for these types of vehicles, it’s time to get rid of dead weight.

If you have space to be able to store Summer stock until the New Year it may be a tactical move to keep them until the sun comes back out, but if you can’t afford to have them taking up even a well-hidden forecourt spot, cut the price and make way for more profitable stock. If one good thing comes from a bitter, snowy winter it’ll be increased interest in SUVs and other four-wheel drive vehicles.

Be on High Alert for Auction Opportunities

Opportunities have arisen for obtaining quality stock as fleet and rental companies commonly defleet at this time of year.

Digital auctions now allow attendees to see vehicles in explicit detail, making this an increasingly viable option. Not having to make constant trips to physical auctions means you will save money on fuel and time which could be better spent actually selling cars. Savings like these as minor as they may seem could make all the difference in the upcoming weeks.

Embrace the Festivities!

With Halloween and Bonfire Night over, Christmas preparations are officially under way. This holiday creates a lot of competition between retailers, but don’t shy away from it, embrace it!

If you haven’t already, sit down and devise a strategy to tackle the period head on, whether it involves a Winter sale, seasonal advertising or website decoration, a special Christmas giveaway or increased social media activity. There are lots of great ideas online about how to generate engagement via social media during the festive season.

It is hard to predict exactly how trends will develop for the remainder of the year, but the safest advice to heed is to be vigilant on the forecourt. Take note of the purchasing patterns occurring at your dealership, and make sure your Christmas strategies are flexible enough for you to be able to adapt to any changes in consumer demand.

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