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Revhead Ramblings: Best Winter Battling Automotive Technology

Currently, the UK is being battered by Storm Emma, a winter frost is normally more than enough to send our small nation into a frenzy but this particular example is far more extreme.

Luckily, manufacturers have fitted their cars with a bounty of technology to battle the elements, most of which we never utilise as our climate is far wetter than it is cold!

Heated Windscreens

Heated windscreens have been around since the 1960’s. Today you can find two major types, the option offered by Ford is an array of zig-zagging filaments through the screen that melt the ice and eliminate interior condensation. Whilst this gets the job done you’re stuck with visible filaments in your windscreen; although they aren’t dangerous, they are annoying!

Volkswagen’s solution to this problem is a thin but conductive layer of silver within the glass to transmit a current, to melt the ice. This leaves no visible elements although in Germany it’s about €340 extra, this is one I’d pay every time though!

Heated Seats and Steering Wheels

Getting into an icy car in the morning is horrible, being ripped from the warm embrace of your bed to be gripped by the icy clutches of the British winter doesn’t dare thinking about. Heated seats then, are an absolute blessing in these situations. Cadillac are to thank for this development, for decades however, these bum warmers were the reserve of only the most luxurious cars.

Fast forward to 2018 and they’re a low-cost option on virtually every new car. Manufacturers have gone a step further now too, usually as part of a winter pack, heated steering wheels are also an option! Not only does this keep your hands warm it also encourages the correct 10 and 2 hand position!

Winter Tyres

Without doubt, winter tyres are the most important item of winter technology on this list. Your tyres are the only contact points for your car so surely you want the most grip wherever possible? Weirdly though, year after year people fail to fit their cars with the appropriate tyres.

While they may not be the cheapest item to purchase, some car manufacturers will keep hold of the winter tyres for you and fit them during the winter months; provided you buy them from them of course. These tyres could be the difference between not making it off your driveway and continuing to work as if everything is normal, a true no brainer.

Car Pre-Heating Function

When it comes to perfect cars for the winter months, an EV may not be your first choice. Thin energy saving tyres, far too much torque endlessly spinning your wheels and a huge weight to move.

One very special feature however could change your mind. Manufacturers such as Tesla and Nissan were the first to introduce a pre- heat function. Imagine lying in bed, tapping a few buttons on your phone and knowing you’ll be greeted by a toasty car with clear windows all around! This really is the future!

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