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AMD AutomotiveStockport, Cheshire.

Based in the heart of Cheshire, AMD Automotive are proud to provide quality used cars and expert advice.

AMD is a rising name amongst dealerships, acclaimed for their specialist knowledge.

The team strive to give each customer an excellent experience and they are dedicated to making sure that all the vehicles sold at AMD are 100% safe and in top condition.

We talked to Alex at the company to find out what he thought about working with Click Dealer.

Starting With Click Dealer...

What made you decide to go with Click Dealer for your DMS/Website?

I used to work for Dace motor company and we used Click Dealer, so I thought I’d go with a system I know works well.

What was the process like when you signed up? Was it relatively hassle free?

We came down to see Oli and signed up on the day, it was very easy.

How did you find working with the staff to get your website up and running?

Very easy indeed!

What have been the main differences for your dealership since coming on board with Click?

We don’t know anything other than Click but I know other dealerships that work with lots of paperwork and Click seems much easier than that!

Why Choose Click Dealer...

If you have any issues or problems how good are Click Dealer at resolving them?


Would you/have you recommended Click to other dealerships?

I did yesterday I’ve got someone coming on board with you now! It’s going to become a legal obligation that every dealership needs a DMS system because soon they won’t be accepting the paperwork anymore.

What’s the best thing about working with Click Dealer?

Everything! It’s been a very personal experience for me and everyone is helpful and make things easy.

Is there anything you’d like to see Click Dealer improve/bring in, in the future?

Don’t be like AutoTrader and put your prices up all the time!

Have any of your ideas or suggestions for improvement ever been implemented by Click?

The DMS does more than we’ll ever need so you can’t improve it. There’s some things that we don’t use so I can’t improve it!

Do you think Click are at the forefront of dealer technology?

Yes, 100%!

How Click Dealer has Helped the Dealership...

Do you get a lot of positive feedback about your website?

100% yes, me and Oli designed it and it’s the thing I’m most proud of about my dealership.

How has Click Dealer saved your business time?

Perfectly, we have doubled our stock since being with Click. We are starting to see more benefits as the feeds automatically update for us to all the different sites.

How has Click Dealer helped to increase profitability for your dealership?

Massively! The professionalism of the website is amazing, also the feeds to Car Gurus and AutoTrader really help, I think it’s been brilliant.

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“Since joining Click Dealer we’ve seen a huge increase in the volume of leads, conversion and in turn profitability. We’ve saved at least a day a week in admin time through using one end to end system! They’re extremely pro-active with a portfolio of leading tech, Click have helped to make my business a seamless operation so we can focus on high quality customer service. I’d highly recommend them to any forward-thinking dealership looking to progress to the next level.” – Scott Sibley, Redgate Lodge – Winner of The Car Dealer Magazine Dealers Dealer of the Year Award 2017

Scott Sibley, Redgate Lodge – Winner of The Car Dealer Magazine Dealer’s Dealer of the Year Award 2017


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