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CJ MotorsStokenchurch, Buckinghamshire

CJ Motors
Starting as a small East London forecourt in the late 70's, CJ Motors has developed and accelerated to become the trusted company it is today.

With a wide range of stock on their forecourt, CJ Motors is a trusted name and a family run business that has over 30 years of experience and are constantly improving.

Why Choose Click Dealer...

What made you decide to go with Click Dealer for your DMS/Website?

The customer service that you guys have, especially on sales, Jake has been a great help. Also, the fact that you guys aren’t tied into a lengthy contract. The starting costs weren’t extortionate, the example sites I saw before I started I really liked and the bespoke bits.

What was the process like when you signed up? Was it relatively hassle free?

Yeah it was well structured, everyone who I dealt with made it very easy. It was easy to get to grips with.

How did you find working with the staff to get your website up and running?

Everyone was helpful, I can’t fault it. I’ve said that to a few other people from the industry. They did what they said they would do and it was easy.

How Click Dealer Has Helped...

What have been the main differences for your dealership since coming on board with Click?

They’re a lot more organised and everything is presented in a professional manner. It’s easy to track work and you can see the whole process of the vehicles. We are a lot more organised and on top of things now.

How have you found the Click Social module has helped your business?

We really want to push our finance on social media and we have only just got that sorted so now we are ready for the social side of Click.

How has Click Dealer saved your business time?

Being more organised, having DVLA look up and postcode look up. Everything is within the click of a button.

How has Click Dealer helped to increase profitability for your dealership?

Just keeping on top of SIV’s for each vehicle, sometime invoices might not be attached for the relevant car without DMS. Having all the information associated with the vehicles in front of you saves you money and stops you making mistakes with car sales.

Do you get a lot of positive feedback about your website?

Yeah, we do, the one thing I don’t like is using stock images. By that I mean the images you can buy to put on the site. You guys only use photos that I give you and people say that looks nice on my website.

Opinions on Click Dealer...

If you have any issues or problems how good are Click Dealer at resolving them?

Very, very good, if they’ve not been able to solve an issue they will always give me an alternative to solve matters.

Would you/have you recommended Click to other dealerships?

Not to any other dealerships, but I would. But I use it when I am getting finance or getting vehicles from companies and I recommend it to the reps there. I like putting a good word in with many trade friends.

What’s the best thing about working with Click Dealer?

It’s easy to get on with the team! It doesn’t feel corporate but it still has that professionalism. They are all happy go lucky people. Click is highly competitive in the motor community and pretty much has everything that any other companies provide as well. Click are great at staying ahead of the game.

Is there anything you’d like to see Click Dealer improve/bring in, in the future?

I can upload 360 images and links to YouTube video. But I saw a system where someone can go on the website, click on a car and press the live button next to it which connects to a sales persons iPhone and you can talk to them in real time and see the car live. You can ask them to show you the interior and all the details. I think it was an American company and it probably costs a lot of money but I thought that’d be good. I think live chats is a good idea for instant communication.

Watch this space CJ Motors! Click Assist is coming…

Do you think Click are at the forefront of dealer technology?

Yes, I’d say so. There’s no reason why I wouldn’t say that! You do everything that any other company does so yes.

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“Since joining Click Dealer we’ve seen a huge increase in the volume of leads, conversion and in turn profitability. We’ve saved at least a day a week in admin time through using one end to end system! They’re extremely pro-active with a portfolio of leading tech, Click have helped to make my business a seamless operation so we can focus on high quality customer service. I’d highly recommend them to any forward-thinking dealership looking to progress to the next level.” – Scott Sibley, Redgate Lodge – Winner of The Car Dealer Magazine Dealers Dealer of the Year Award 2017

Scott Sibley, Redgate Lodge – Winner of The Car Dealer Magazine Dealer’s Dealer of the Year Award 2017

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