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Crompton Way MotorsBolton, Greater Manchester

Crompton Way Motors
Crompton Way Motors is a family owned and run business which has been trading for over ten years and holds a fabulous reputation within the local area.

The dealership is officially recognised as one of the best businesses in Bolton and was recently awarded ‘Highly Commended Business’ status in the category of car dealerships nationwide via The Best Of Local & Loved Awards.

Crompton Way also won Digital Retailer of the Year at AutoTrader’s Click Awards 2017, beating competition from across the UK.

The Origins of a Click Journey...

What brought you to Click Dealer?

When I worked at Audi Volkswagen previously, we used to run a system called Kerridge which a lot of franchise dealers use and I was looking for the same sort of system but a bit watered down, so it would work for an independent and that’s why I’m with Click.

Since then we’ve been in business for 10 years and used Click the whole time. To be fair Click has soared and obviously with there being new DMS innovations, new website features and stuff like that, it’s become even more usable than it was when we started working together.

Saving Time and Money With Click Dealer...

How has Click Dealer helped to streamline your costs?

KPI’s are a big thing for me, it just helps to keep your business nice and tight. If you look at reconditioning costs per unit, spend on marketing and spend on Autotrader costs, which have gone up massively, there are loads and loads of tools through Click to help the business save money.

You know you’re managing your business properly if you’re staying on top of your KPI’s. If my margin isn’t big enough then I need to know my reconditioning cost per unit and I can go into Click and tell you straight away. It’s a great tool!

So the Devil’s in the detail?

I can go in and tell you exactly what costs we’ve spent per car, I could go into Click, look at the parts cost and it’s just that area that I think it helps. But also when you put a car into stock it’s dead easy, all the details are there, you fire it over and it’s fed into Autotrader on a feed. It’s just dead easy usability.

Would you say that working with Click saves you a lot of time then?

It does, without a doubt otherwise you’re using a book and you’d write everything manually. I do my invoices electronically through Click and it saves a lot of time.

You can run a VAT return so that’s saving on an accountant too, you don’t have to involve an accountant with your VAT return you just press a button and it does it for you!

Life as a Click Customer...

How do you find being a website customer of Click Dealer?

The website has been with Click for probably five or six years. It’s brilliant because you can make alterations to the site I can ring up and they’ll alter it.

If I said, “right Ben I need a sale this weekend on my homepage, I want a banner reading All cars have £500 off”, or whatever, you’d get that done before the weekend. If you wanted to change something with Autotrader it would take you about six months.

What is your relationship with Click like?

Click is our partner, I mean if I’ve got an issue I can pick the phone up it’s not about the money I don’t look at that because the usability well outweighs it. If you want to manage your business tightly and you’ve got a bit of an entrepreneurial head on you then Click’s good!

Things like how long they have finance and at what rate, so that Click will generate that this customer’s due finance in six months. But that’ll only happen that if you put the right information in so it’s all about usability.

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“Since joining Click Dealer we’ve seen a huge increase in the volume of leads, conversion and in turn profitability. We’ve saved at least a day a week in admin time through using one end to end system! They’re extremely pro-active with a portfolio of leading tech, Click have helped to make my business a seamless operation so we can focus on high quality customer service. I’d highly recommend them to any forward-thinking dealership looking to progress to the next level.” – Scott Sibley, Redgate Lodge – Winner of The Car Dealer Magazine Dealers Dealer of the Year Award 2017

Scott Sibley, Redgate Lodge – Winner of The Car Dealer Magazine Dealer’s Dealer of the Year Award 2017

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