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Why Should My Dealership Use a DMS?

Ashbrow Garage was recently on the highly commended list for the Data Driven Retailer of the Year and Best Digital Customer Experience categories at AutoTrader’s Click awards, so it’s fair to say they know a thing or two about the best way to keep on top of dealership data!

Whether it be stock, invoicing, prep management, customer details or the dreaded VAT, having a dealer management system makes life easier for dealers and saves them tonnes of time!

Save Time and Sell More Cars!

In fact, Ashbrow Garage owner, Robert Flowers estimates that Click Dealer’s DMS product saves him at least 2-3 days a week of time in his business, allowing him to get on with what he does best, selling cars!

As well as offering tremendous time saving capabilities and improving data capture, moving forward, many of Click Dealer’s new products will require dealers to have at least an element of the company’s DMS in order to integrate next generation innovations such as Click Campaigns and Click Engage.

If you still don’t have a DMS and are wondering whether or not to take the leap of faith, watch the video below of Ashbrow Garage owner, Robert Flowers explaining how Click Dealer’s DMS product has benefitted his company over the years.

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