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Is Diesel Really Dead For Dealers?

Recently, diesel vehicles have received a lot of negative publicity due to increasing concern about their adverse effects on the environment, and since the announcement that the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned by the year 2040, the future of diesel cars looks bleak.

What’s the Big Deal with Diesel?

Over the past few years, diesel has been very popular, accounting for 38 per cent of the cars on Britain’s roads today. Originally, the fuel was acclaimed for its environmental benefits, and it was widely believed that more diesel vehicles on the roads could reduce pollution and governments even came up with tax incentives to promote them.

However, mounting evidence that diesel emissions are damaging our health has now been brought to public attention and according to data recorded by the SMMT in July, diesel registrations have declined by 20 per cent since last year. However, it is not all over just yet.

Used Diesel Cars

Despite the decrease in general diesel sales, car dealers throughout the UK have reported that the sale of used diesel cars has not been affected by the recent negativity surrounding them.

One reason for this is that there are more diesel cars available for dealers to buy. The volume of diesels in wholesale channels continues to outweigh petrol and dealers will sell what they can buy.



Is it Time to Forget about Diesel?

Although it cannot be denied that diesel vehicles pose a threat to the environment, the latest (Euro 6) cars do not contribute to pollution nearly as much as older cars and many consumers fail to realise this.

The more that this message reaches the public, the more consideration they are likely to give diesel cars. The diesel scandal shocked many of us, but as the panic settles, car buyers may start to remember the appeal of the fuel.

With attempts being made to extinguish diesel vehicles, it is unlikely that they will last forever, but right now, motors using petrol or alternative fuels are not for everybody and there is still a place for diesel on the roads. As a dealer, you should not give up on diesels just yet!

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