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Performance Reports Your Dealership Should be Running

There is so much to think about when running a dealership; you can’t take your eye off the ball for a second. Regular reports which provide an overview of your performance can help you stay on top of things and reveal areas for improvement, so that you can make your business even more successful. Here are some of the reports which can be most useful to car dealers.

Sales Performance Reports

For an insight into sales performance Click Dealer recommends creating regular sales margin reports and sales forecast reports.

Margin Report

A sales margin report should essentially show you how much profit you are making on vehicles and add-on products and how well your sales team are performing as individuals and the performance as a whole. It should list all vehicles sold within a particular time frame, along with the price it was sold for, the profit made and the team member who sold it.

Forecast Report

A sales forecast report is a prediction of sales margins. It should include a list of vehicles on order and an estimation of profits should these sales go through successfully, as well as the team member who is managing the sale.

Benefits of Sales Reports

You can compare each sales report with previous ones to work out whether you are performing well, or whether action needs to be taken. With an indication of your current and upcoming profits, you will be able to assign your budget more confidently and with a record of how many sales have been made and are expected to be made by each member of staff, you can determine whether praise or support is needed.

Stock Reports

Stock reports are just as important as sales reports, and there are two main types that you should be running on a regular basis: stock value reports and days in stock reports.

Stock Value Report

The purpose of a stock value report is to show you the current price of each vehicle you have on sale, which will make it easy for you to conduct price checks against competitors’ stock.

Days in Stock Report

A days in stock report should help you stay on top of aging stock and prevent you from losing money. It should list all of your stock along with the amount of time it has been in your possession.

Make/Model Analysis Report

This report gives you a thorough breakdown of how long it took to sell each vehicle and the margin that was made, so that you can work out which makes and models are most profitable.

Benefits of Stock Reports

Stock reports provide visibility, which can help you to decide what action should be taken on your vehicles. A days in stock report can reveal which times of year overaged stock can become a problem so that you can prepare, and value reports can help you alter your prices effectively so that you don’t lose customers to your business rivals.

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