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Driving Success: SEO Practices Every Dealership Should Know

In our last webinar, ‘A Dealer’s Guide to SEO,’ we delved into the world of search engine optimisation (SEO) to help your dealership thrive online. Laurren, Click’s Digital Marketing Manager, shared invaluable insights and actionable tips on how to boost your dealership’s Google ranking, ensuring your vehicles are discovered by more potential customers.

Curious about SEO? Check out our blog, ‘Demystifying SEO for Dealerships‘ for a quick webinar recap. Prefer a deeper dive? Explore the full webinar, now available to watch on-demand. And if you’re seeking actionable SEO tips and best practises, then read on, as we’ve compiled them below for your convenience!

Optimising Keywords for Success

Keyword research is the foundation of SEO practices, representing the words and phrases people type into search engines when they’re searching online. The goal is to align these keywords with your website content, you can attract more qualified leads.

Start by choosing specific keywords relating to what you specialise in, like ‘used SUVs near me’ or ‘car dent repair cost’. Don’t just use broad terms, get specific by thinking about your location, the services you offer and types of vehicles you sell. Then, expand your keyword catalogue by finding more search terms. There are many ways to help achieve this, but here is a few to get you started:


Google It

Try typing keywords into Google’s search bar, which automatically generates more suggestions and uncover other popular search phrases. You can also look at the ‘People also ask’ section or the search suggestions at the bottom of the results page for more inspiration. These keywords represent what real people are searching for online, providing valuable insights into the information that they’re seeking.


Harnessing AI for Keyword Discovery

Artificial Intelligence technology, like ChatGPT, offers a helpful way to discover keywords. Simply ask it to generate keywords such as ‘Best deals on used SUVs’, or even long-tail keywords like ‘Low-mileage used cars with good fuel efficiency’. However, keep in mind that AI is just a tool; use your common sense alongside it. It’s a fantastic resource for brainstorming and expanding your keyword list.


Advanced Keyword Research Tools

For advanced keyword research, consider using tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics. Ask your web provider to give you access, as these tools provide insights into search volumes and user behavior, empowering you to refine your keyword strategy for optimal results.


Content is King

After compiling your list of keywords, focus on crafting quality content and, by considering the reasons why people search online, you can strategically place your relevant keywords on appropriate pages.

Review key pages of your website, such as your Homepage and About Us. Check that your website covers and describes all the different services you offer, such as car finance or paintwork services. You can also consider using an FAQ section on relevant landing pages, allowing you to easily drop in those keywords that take the format of a question. Remember – quality matters more than word count; so make sure your content is informative and engaging.

Enhance your website with blogs, business updates and news to build trust and customer confidence. Showcase your customer reviews and company awards to boost your credibility. And lastly, link through to your social media platforms for added visibility.


Technical SEO Practices

In SEO, technical aspects of your website are just as important as content. Start by ensuring your Google Business Page is linked to your site and all details are accurate and up to date, including photos and responding to customer reviews. This builds credibility and boosts visibility. Additionally, optimise images for faster loading times and add useful hyperlinks in your content to other pages of your site for easier navigation.


Revolutionise Your Dealership’s Digital Strategy with SEO

In summary, the webinar highlighted just how transformative it can be for a dealership when SEO practices are used. Laurren emphasised how it can be a pivotal role in expanding your online influence and by embracing SEO principles and implementing her recommendations, your business can scale the heights of search engine rankings, turning your website into a lead generating magnet and drawing enthusiastic car buyers to you.

It’s always best to hear it first-hand from our digital marketing guru, so why not watch the full webinar for free and start your SEO journey today?



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